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Reflecting and Auditing The Past Year

Having regular reflection on every aspect of your life allows you to understand better where you want to go and develop a growth mindset. As we start this new year, reflect and audit your past year. What have you accomplished? How has your circle been? Have you built any long-term networks? In this episode, we […]

Goal Planning!

As we start a new year, everyone is looking forward to being a better version of themselves and on goal planning. What areas do you need to improve on? How do you intend to remain persistent in hitting your goal? Any goal properly set is halfway reached. You need to know where you are going […]

Emotional Intelligence

What comes to mind when you think of Emotional Intelligence(EI)? It involves understanding and managing your own emotions and those of the people around you.  Emotional intelligence is essential for success. In this episode, we look at EI quotes, key components of EI, IQ versus EI, and the biggest determinant of a high EQ. Besides, […]


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