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Finding Your Life’s Purpose With Jeff Lopes

This week Brad Loyet and Matt Kresko talk about Finding Yours Life’s Purpose with Jeff Lopes! In this episode, we speak with Jeff Lopes, a serial entrepreneur and the host of Jeff Knows Inc Podcast. Jeff is also a business coach, best-selling author, and founder of Kimurawear, a global brand in Boxing, Martial Arts, and […]

Perfectionist Mentality with Ellen Reed!

Perfectionist Mentality with Ellen Reed!

Lets talk about the Perfectionist Mentality with Ellen Reed! Dr. Ellen Reed is a mental performance coach, Director of Mental Training at Enhanced Performance, Inc., co-author of Relentless Solution Focus, professional dancer, and a mental toughness expert. This week Dr. Reed sits down with the guys and shares her story including her background as a […]

Check Your Ego at the Door!

Check your ego at the door. Turns out this piece of advice is intended specifically for Matt as polling results show his ego towers above the rest. This week we start off with the guys discussing what’s been going on in their lives recently including Dan’s incredible bedroom stamina. Keep your ego in check. The […]


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