Separation is in the Preparation

This week on the Brofessional Development Podcast the guys dive into the quote “Separation is in the Preparation” which has been discussed by the likes of Ed Mylett and Russell Wilson! Along with giving us an update on their 75Hard Journey!

Starting with Separation is in the Preparation the guys discuss what they believe the meaning behind it is. How they utilize it on a daily and weekly basis. The pros and cons to being prepared, as when is to much preparation holding you back from executing. They also based a new challenge for each other based around it for next week! They guys are going to plan out a full week in advance and see how closely they can stay on schedule when being prepared! Matt is clearly the front runner among the guys to complete and win this challenge!

With 75Hard the guys talk about the challenges they have encountered so far. Dan is struggling with a bit of anxiety with the intent of his workouts! Colin seems to have found a solid routine, and with the help from his girlfriend they seem to be on the right track. Bobby is absolutely KILLING it, he is 30 days in and 41lbs down! Check out his instagram post HERE! Brad is also on good track and is finding himself a lot more in touch with nature during his outdoor workouts. The key words that seemed to come out of everyone during this discussion though was TIME MANAGEMENT! Which connects “Separation is in the Preparation”, without a clear plan the guys seem like their days can be more work and harder to complete 75Hard each day!

Bobby also ended the episode with a solid quote which circled us back to our previous episodes on Law of Attraction!

Separation is in the Preparation

On this weeks episode the Brofessional Development hosts focus on Separation is in the Preparation!  Everyone gives their input into what they take from it, how they may prepare, and where is the line to quit planning and attack They guys also gave a look at how 75Hard is going as they are done with their first official week.  They talk about what has been hard, what has been easy, and some things that they are really gaining from doing it!

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