Confidence over Cockiness

This week on the Brofessional Development Podcast the guys cover Confidence over Cockiness!

As usual we start off the podcast by all bringing some motivational quotes from real life individuals who are at an elite level. This week we have quotes from MMA champions like Conor McGregor to former presidents like Roosevelt!

We dive into the conversation by first outlining what the two are!

Confidence is defined as: a feeling of trust in one’s abilities, qualities, and judgement.

Cockiness is defined as: conceited or arrogant, especially in a bold or disrespectful way. 

Confidence Over Cockiness

This week the guys on the Brofessional Development Podcast talk about Confidence over Cockiness. They start out by dropping some quotes from some of the greats that show confidence in their lives from Roosevelt to McGregor! Dive in and outline what exactly CONFIDENCE is and how it is different than COCKINESS and what is important for success in life and business between the two.

So although they seem similar the clear difference seems to be the arrogance of an individual. Which brings up a discussion in the group of when is being cocky crossing the line? We talk about some of the greats and their systems in which they seem to come off as cocky. Yet they back it up!

Dan and Matt discuss a great strategy from Jay Shetty on 7 ways to stand out with Confidence which you can check out HERE!

The key takeaway that the team agreed upon from Jay Shetty was being self aware! Admit your weaknesses and try and develop those areas. Hiding them or shielding them from yourself is just killing your confidence and not building it up!

In the midst of the conversation we discuss one of the all time great self development experts Ed Mylett and his strategies for moving that needle in the right direction to gain confidence.

To end the episode of what seems to be filled with content from great influencers Matt covers the Influencer of the Week on Tim Ferris who has influenced a large portion of the world along with Matt himself with a strategy to start his business.

We end with Bobby giving us Just the Tip of the week on some healthy eating strategies!

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