Case Kenny Joins Brofessional Development

Case Kenny joins Brofessional Development and the interview with Case Kenny brought a lot of different topics to the table and it all encompasses one common theme: self awareness. 

Case Kenny joins Brofessional Development

In this very special interview, Case Kenny of the New Mindset Who Dis podcast joins Brofessional Development to talk about his journey in growing personally and professionally, all while becoming a household name in mindfulness and self awareness. Case does this by simplifying every day problems that people face.

He believes that everyone was given a skill that they may be unaware of. It’s up to each of us to dig in and figure out what our larger purpose is.  

When we asked Case how he knew was destined to help people, he joked that he has spent the last 32 years of his life figuring out that he is really good at simplifying things. And he has this innate ability to lean into that and to create content that he can deliver to his audience. 

Case Kenny of the New Mindset Who Dis podcast talks with the entepreneurs of Brofessional Development.

He isn’t your typical “self-help guru” that shows you how to be happy. Instead he picks topics that burden people and simplifies it for them. “People no longer want to hear from experts. The age of the expert is over. People want relatable advice that is real”. 

While his podcast, New Mindset Who Dis, can be seen as dating advice or only for single people…there are many takeaways that people can apply to all aspects of their life personally and professionally. I recommend going through his catalog of podcasts and pick a few titles that catch your eye and give them a listen as it only takes 15-20 minutes per episode. 

In Case’s words “my law of attraction is I envision being someone who creates something from nothing and leans on their personality and talent to create a valuable business. And then based on that, I started to attract and notice people who do the same thing and that has driven me. It’s not what you want…it’s what you believe in” 

Figure out what you believe in… lean into that and go all in. People want solutions to their most emotional problems. Go where the audience wants to go and double down on those triggers. 

You can find Case Kenny’s podcast on all major platforms (Spotify/Apple), follow @case.kenny on Instagram and check out his guided journals at — Case has earned 7 figures this year and will hit 8 figures before the year is over with zero sponsors on his podcast. 

Listen to the full podcast HERE!

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