Minimum Skillset equals Minimum Wage

Episode 30 is now live covering minimum skillset equals minimum wage.

As usual the team opens up with some great quotes that reference minimum wage and weigh in their thoughts on each of them!

The guys dig into what is a popular discussion in the country at the moment, and that is raising the federal minimum wage. At the moment the federal mandate is $7.25 an hour and the government is wanting to push this to over double at $15.00 and hour. Something that is often overlooked during these discussions is that many states have their own state mandate that is over that of the federal currently.

Most states that have a high cost of living are either already at the $15.00 an hour range or flirting with it already as you can see below.

New York$15.00
High Cost of Living States

States with a low cost of living are lower but often are still higher than the federal mandate already as you can see below here.

Low Cost of Living States

This would be the largest discrepancy with what they are trying to mandate. States are already factoring in what works for them and their work force. It makes you wonder if a blanket mandate for the country is really the right choice!

Entrepreneurs talk about minimum wage on their business development podcast!

So as an employee who is trying to get out of a minimum wage paying job what can you do? Here are some action items that you can take to elevate out of that position. Remember minimum wage jobs are for those with skillsets that have not been developed yet. As an employee you should not think that an entry level job should pay more than entry level pay!

  • Think of yourself as self employed
  • Ask employer where they see the future, 1 year out
  • What are the rules for success in your postion
  • Document what you did that has SAVED them money and in return MADE them MONEY
  • Clear communication with your boss.

Why do people get stuck in minimum skillset and minimum wage paying jobs for so long? Our host Matt would say that it is based on a law of averages of the people you surround yourself with. You inherit the mindset of the ones you are around the most.

Something that should also never be over looked is the fact that there is more education available at your fingers now than ever. If you are working a low paying job head to the internet and search how to do that job better. Below we have compiled 5 resources for some jobs and how you can do those better!

In closing remember Minimal Skillset equals Minimum Wage! Work your way up from those entry level jobs. Hustle harder than the person beside you and you will find success!

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