Haters going to Hate

Haters going to Hate

You see this guy right here. The one who was voted “Most Unlikely to Succeed”. That’s motherfucking Kanye West, a billionaire. Haters are going to Hate!

Not fitting in with the education system doesn’t mean you won’t be successful.

That’s what they tell you. 

That’s what they want you to believe.

That’s what they tell the parents.

That’s what your parents end up telling you.

I can tell you right now that just because someone doesn’t fit the mold of the education system, it doesn’t make them a failure.

I graduated with a 1.9 GPA (Dan Griener) AND was kicked out of community college.

It wasn’t until I found a passion that I had a “why” to actually try in school and finish college (which for the record, I use exactly 0% of MY education).

I knew the entire fucking time that what I was being taught is irrelevant to real life.

I was in the hall for 25% of the classes for not fitting in. I was put into a special school district study hall because I refused to take my Adderall (the drug they give you to fit in line with the rest of the class since you are different).

Real life doesn’t even start until graduation day,  and on that day, the real game starts.

Graduating near last in my class means that every time I see them, there is a 95% chance they did better than me in high school. And there is a 99% chance I am doing better than them now professionally.

I still know people who graduated with 3.8 GPA’s who are working jobs making less than $40k/year 10 years after high school.

Don’t let your past failures dictate your future. Don’t hold on to it. If anything, use it as fuel to prove the system wrong.

Just remember Haters are going to Hate!

Setting and Upholding Standards

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