Building A Circle That Creates Success

It’s always difficult to find and bond with people that share similar ideology with you, and those who only want to succeed just as much as you do. Even worse, with several friends and people around you, it can be hard to build an effective circle that can help you get to the next level of success. It’s true, your friends are different and you can’t lose them to remain with just a few that buy to your thoughts. But you still want to grow and want to achieve so much in life with the “right” circle. So how do you start building a circle that creates success in such a situation?

Building A Circle That Creates Success

When you’re yearning to take yourself to the next stage of life, you need people around you that will push you towards working for success. You need to have a circle with like-minded individuals who share similar ideas like yours.

In episode 53, we shared some ways and tips to get started. We also shared some notable quotes from successful people on how you can start your own circle.

The Mastermind Session

The Mastermind Session is an in-person event hosted by the Brofessional Development Podcast team where we get to know each other, share teaching lessons on certain entrepreneurial topics, and try to solve each of our member’s issues in their businesses.

A total of 16 people attended our first Mastermind Session, with individuals coming from diverse backgrounds. Whether you have 30 years of experience in entrepreneurship, you’re just getting started or seeking ways to be a good employee, the Mastermind Session accommodates every kind of person that wants to grow and better their life.

In our first session, there was no structure we followed. People shared their stories and the problems they would love to be helped with throughout the session as we got to know each other.

The Second Mastermind Session is scheduled for October 30th, and everybody is welcomed! We will have a clear structure to address specific topics that seek to teach lessons to members as we also share some insightful experiences and tips around specific topics.

Remember: Mastermind Session is not about selling anything to anyone. It focuses on helping members become better individuals.

How To Build A Circle That Creates Success

“The place to begin building any relationship is inside ourselves, inside our circles of influence, or our own character. – Steven Covey.

Even before you think of building a circle of people that are going to help you get to the next level, you first have to start getting to the next level. You need to have a mentality switch that says, “I want to be that person.”

Can you have multiple circles?

It’s not about losing friends to allow yourself to grow up. But it’s possible to lose touch with some of them.

The good thing is that you can have multiple circles for every part of your life that you want to build on. This is important because you won’t find yourself losing friends because they don’t buy into your thoughts and ideas.

For instance, you can have the following circles in your life and not lose anything:

  • Family
  • Volleyball friends
  • Golfing friends
  • Business friends
  • Growth mindset

Even spending a day with somebody once a month that you think isn’t a good company will not hinder you from getting to where you want to be. Sometimes you need time off to shake off things in your life and be free.

“It’s so easy to get into a circle if you just put some effort into where you want to go.”

Building a circle can be easy when you involve social media.

Just add a post advertising your intentions and the type of people you’re looking to have. You will probably get one or two people that are interested, form a group, plan for a meetup talk about it, and get started! Other people will join later once you’re rolling.

Whatever circle you want to build, most people really want to be part of it but they just don’t know how they can. Sometimes people just wait for you to ask!

Building A Circle That Creates Success
Building A Circle That Creates Success

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