Fun Episode: Welcoming Our New Intern, Bobby’s Encounter with Ghosts, And Latest from Aaron Rodgers COVID-19 Protocol Violations.

In this episode, we welcome our intern, Salil Valiaparampil.  Sal graduated from Saint Louis University with a degree in marketing. Sal is now a transport broker where he loads shipments and ensures that products arrive on time. You will learn more about him and his duties in the show. We also discuss Aaron Rodgers’ COVID-19 protocol violation and possible consequences.

Fun Episode: Welcoming Our New Intern, Bobby’s Encounter with Ghosts, And Latest from Aaron Rodgers COVID-19 Protocol Violations

In this episode, we welcome Sal, our first intern, to the show. Sal attended Saint Louis University and graduated with a marketing degree. He now works as a transportation broker, where he loads shipments to ensure products are delivered in time.


[13:04] About Salil

[17:10] Salil’s job outline in the show

[20:02] How Bobby met Salil

[23:50] Salil responds to “who’s your favorite” questions

[26:21] Why Salil listens to Brofessional Development podcast

[31:40] Other favorite podcasts

[31:58] The who story about Aaron Rodgers COVID-19 protocol violations

[42:35] Salil’s favorite book

[43:37] Bobby’s encounter with ghosts

[48:30] The ‘elevator’ speech.

How We Met Sal

After meeting the first time, Sal was able to remember Mat the second time they met in a volleyball session. They later met again in April where he was the ‘ultimate hype man’ at a volleyball competition in Florida.

Sal responding to “ who’s your favorite” questions

  • Best looking: Brad

“My wife did say yesterday that I’m at my prime right now.” – Brad Loyet.

          Skillset Vs. Mindset

We have an Intern

Why Sal Listens to the Brofessional Development Podcast

Sal is a friend to the hosts of the show and also loves listening to guests sharing their stories on how they became successful. 

“Everyone has their own story. Everyone knows how they became successful. To hear all that is pretty cool.”

He says he wants to grow and get better by listening to the experiences of the hosts and guests. He also wants to cut on drinking and going out.

Aaron Rodgers COVID-19 Protocol Violations

Aaron Rodgers and Green Bay Packers were fined by the NFL for violating COVID-19 protocols.

Rodgers was given a $14,650 fine and the Packers were handed a $300,000 fine, NFL Vice President for Communications Brian McCarthy stated. Wide receiver Allen Lazard was also fined $14,650 because he violated protocol.

The NFL did a review of Rodgers’ and Packers’ protocols after the quarterback tested positive last week for COVID. It was discovered that Rodgers hadn’t been vaccinated as he had previously publicly stated.

Tune in to the episode to listen to these and more chats on trending topics.

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