Business and Life: Flexibility and Adaptation

Being Flexible and Adapting in Business

Being flexible is not getting emotionally attached to specific outcomes. You can’t always get what you want, and there will be problems your business will have to face. You must have the ability to adjust when things don’t go according to plan. Being able to quickly adapt to a new circumstance can help you get to a new outcome that can further benefit your business growth. From a sports point of view, there are a lot of teams that show different types of changes in front of you. If you don’t learn to adapt and make adjustments your team will have a harder time winning.

Flexibility and Adaptation in Life and in Business

Being flexible is not getting emotionally attached to specific outcomes. Being able to quickly adapt to a new circumstance is another way of being flexible in business. Understanding that even when things go wrong there are always opportunities there. You have to be flexible to become a successful business owner or you won’t last very long.

Is being flexible more of an attitude or behavior?

Being flexible is about understanding that even when things go wrong, there will always be opportunities present.

The attitude should stay the same and your behavior should shift. This is because the attitude should remain constant when trying to achieve your goals. However, something may interrupt your behavior while trying to achieve that and this is where you have to be flexible. When a problem arises you shouldn’t always change your attitude, but your behavior instead. Attitude and behavior are a combination, and it’s a situation where you can’t only focus on one over the other.

Action creates motivation, if there’s action then you will be motivated to carry on with the action. So, if your attitude isn’t good, then this will be a big part of your problem. If you don’t take action, then you will never get your business to be successful.

Flexible and Adapting in Business

Benefits of being flexible and rigid in business

Being fluid is important, this is if you plan on something, then you should stick to it while changing a couple of things along the way. However, if you go back and forth with your plans or change too much, it causes you to get stuck. For this reason, being rigid especially when it comes to your business is really good in life. You can’t allow people to dictate your course of action with what you already have planned.

If you agree with a customer saying that you need to lower the prices on your products, then it will be expected of you on your next product. This is the same when managing your employees. If you set a standard they need to follow and keep it, and one employee doesn’t keep that. You will eventually need to confront that employee. You can be flexible in your business when you know it is in your capabilities, but only be flexible when things are out of your control.

For example, if your employee has a family emergency, then you can be flexible with letting them go for the day. If something happens to your supply chain such as an accident, then you can’t control that. Only worry about things you can control and try to develop an action plan to get to a solution.

When you learn from a problem or situation, then you are adapting. Adaption by definition is the process of changing. This applies to changing your product or service to better suit the preferences of your customers. You will move forward with your business by adjusting little things.

When can are you being too flexible?

Adapting is a part of our life, if you’re not adapting, then you’re putting yourself in a position not to succeed and grow your business. When you’re too flexible with every area of your business, then this may turn into passivity. Don’t expect to have growth if you’re not going to change and not meet your own expectations. You’ll only need to be flexible when you plan on achieving your goal, and can be too flexible for that goal.

If it’s for another thing, then it may have a negative impact on your business and its growth. Not everyone in your business is going to think like you and expect you to be flexible. If you have employees that you are often flexible with and allow them to do things that are out of your business growth, then you’re setting your business to get stuck. Your expectations should always be met and being too flexible can be a hindrance.

You need a solid structure to ensure that you’re ready to keep going forward. This is through setting your goals and allowing your employees to be aware of that goal. You still have to stay rigid in order to help your business grow and accomplish the things you want your team to accomplish every day.

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