Market Inflation & Sports Update, Coinbase Workforce Cut

Market Inflation Update

Almost everyone in business are closely monitoring market inflation and just as every hoped that inflation prices has or had reached its peak, new numbers came in on Friday. We’re at a point of 8.6% inflation since May of last year, and this has been the fastest increase in inflation since December of 1981. Unfortunately, it seems we’re heading into a recession, which is essentially two consecutive decline in quarters of GDP. However, we can’t think that this recession will be like the last recession which was labeled the Great Recession. We have to keep in mind that there has been recessions in the past and many people didn’t even notice it happened. This recession is just a decline over two consecutive quarters and we can only hope it stops.

market inflation

Stock inflation can not only be directed to one industry. Inflation rates are looked at in every area for example, last month used car prices went down, compared to the original prices they were usually offered. People started to think that was a good sign, but then this month it went back up. In the used car industry, GDP is up by 16% last year. GDP is gross domestic product which is its total value of goods produced and services provided in a country during a year. They will get that value and based it off its dollar amount identifying how much it’s worth, and that’s where they get to the total inflation.

Coinbase workforce cut


Coinbase have recently laid off 1,100 employees and that’s around 18% of its total workforce. They did this via personal email. This is because they’ve blocked all their employees from using their actual work email before informing them that they were fired. After doing this, they then had to resend hundreds of offer letters to their recent recruits of people that had just given notice and were getting ready to work there.

Netflix decides to evolve


Netflix has always been almost anti-live sports since 2018. Their co-CEO Reed Hastings said we don’t do live news, we don’t do live sports, but what we do is we try to do really well. After this, Amazon got exclusive rights to 15 Thursday night football games which starts in 2023. Disney added 75 Regular Season NHL on ESPN and Hulu. Peacock locked in the Premier League, the Olympics, and the AVP. Paramount Plus got the Masters in March Madness. Other channels have acquired these and more, this had an impact on Netflix stocks where it is steadily decreasing. Right now, Netflix is trying to get F1 or Formula One. They may have decided to bid for this and get the rights for it because of their popular series that came out F1.

Real estate market trends

One of the trends that is common is that people think that now is a bad time to buy real estate. This is because they have seen that the prices have gone up, and have found that most real estate are 100% more expensive. Prices of housing went up by 17%, and so did rent with the same amount around 2021 nationally. People think they should just wait to buy a house because we’re looking to maybe go into a recession and the stock market is currently tanking which will have an impact on the housing market. However, at the end of the day, the housing marketing is predicted by one thing and one thing only. It’s supply and demand. There is still a lot of people waiting to buy real estate, but there are not many houses for everyone. Prices of the housing market could go down by about 5%, but it still won’t be enough to crash the housing market. There are still people wanting to buy real estate which means the demand is high.

Market Inflation & Sports Update, Coinbase Workforce Cut

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Sports Update

Yadier Molina

Yadier Molina breaks the record for most put outs. This record means that he puts out more than any catcher in the entire Majors. Miles Mikolas came in within one out, he was done to a final strike for a no hitter, and Harrison Bader couldn’t make the catch in center. Goldschmidt shoots three home runs yesterday with eight RBI’s in the doubleheader. With all this that has happened it seems that the Cardinals are doing well this season and are currently first place with 2 and half games up on the Brew Crew.


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