75 Hard Tips and Tricks for Success

What is 75 Hard Program?

75 Hard Program is created by Andy Frisella as a transformational mental toughness program. This is where for 75 straight days, you must follow a diet designed to achieve your goals. This will include no alcohol or cheat meals, you will have to complete 2, 45 minute workouts. The 2, 45 minute workout will be one which has to be outside, drink a gallon of water, read 10 pages of a self-improvement book and take a progress picture on the surface program. This is a program that looks like a health and fitness program because it does help with health and fitness. However, Andy Frisella promotes this program as a mental toughness program.

 75 Hard Program

Why should you consider doing 75 Hard?

For many people getting started with 75 Hard can be a difficult decision. There are some people that rely on alcohol to relieve stress or just have the habit of drinking. People can drink moderately and still workout but the book can suggest otherwise. If your goal is to lose weight, then 75 Hard can be helpful. However, seeing the book as a mental toughness type of challenge was always considered less. If you consider doing 75 Hard you will eventually see yourself lose weight, but you will also gain that mental toughness which the book also offers and is promoted for.

Biggest Lessons you can learn from the program

75 Hard offers a lot of stability and good habits that you can implement in your daily routine. The book encourages you to start your day with a workout. We are what we watch and what we listen to. This means if you wake up every morning and turn on the News versus doing something yourself, then you may notice something different between these two factors. 75 Hard motivates you to do your workout and develop yourself regardless of the weather. It can be hard to get started with the walks, changing your diet, and all the workouts that you must do for 75 days, but it can be very rewarding. Eventually, as you progress through the program, you may reach a point where you’re enjoying doing the routine.

Favorite and least favorite parts about the program

Nowadays, books are often considered less enticing to go through rather than an audio book. Some people may not read through 75 Hard because of this reason. However, if you get past that, then reading can essentially be another way to toughen your mental health. For others, reading can be a way that they show effort. They won’t spend time to read a book unless it has great value in it. The least favorite part can be following the diet plan. It can be hard to get out of your comfort zone when you have found your food habits to be part of your daily life. However, these food habits can always have a negative impact on your health if you don’t monitor what you eat.

When you’re done with the program you can notice change, not only in your mental health but also your physical appearance. You’ll be surprised at what you’ve achieved by following 75 hard and that can be a great feeling. During the program, you’ll reach a point where you’ll choose what phases you want to go with. Whether it’s financial, business related, or spiritually related, you will choose which phase to start and maintain. The choices you make can either be beneficial or may make you rethink if the choice you’ve made is the right one for you. Each of the tasks offered in the book can help build your mind and body, which is why making the choice you feel is right for you is always beneficial.

75 Hard Tips and Tricks for Success

This week we share our experiences with 75 Hard programs. We’ll share how we progressed and how it can be beneficial to those looking to achieve mental toughness that can be useful for your business. Acquiring mental toughness aside from a well-organized routine can always bring positive change that can improve your overall lifestyle.

Tips for those considering to start 75 Hard

If you’ve thought about doing 75 Hard, then there’s probably something in your life that you’re not happy with. This is good for those who want to get back into shape, want to cut their alcohol intake, or want to adapt a better and healthier routine. These are just some of the common reasons to consider doing 75 Hard. Find the reason why you want to start doing this and use that to motivate you and get started. There can be some doubts where you can’t finish the gallon of water, or the diet is hard. You just have to work around that and try keeping in mind that you want to stay hydrated, or want to enjoy better food.

The only stopping people from getting started with 75 Hard is yourself. Figure out what’s important to you and choose whether you want to go all in or not. Another tip is get yourself started and at least get to day 21. Break the plan down into more manageable chunks. Get to day 21 and allow yourself the time to really make the best decision if you would like to continue with the program or not. You can also try posting your progress on social media. This is because people care about their image and want to show how well you can stick to a plan. If you stop posting your progress, then that just shows others that you couldn’t keep up with the program. Doing this can help you motivate yourself and show your group of friends how well you can adapt to change and implement a better lifestyle for yourself.


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