Join us as we talk with Jordan Harbinger about Education, Partnerships, and Fake Taxis!

Jordan Harbinger Podcast Expert!

Jordan Harbinger is a Michigan-born Wall Street lawyer turned podcast interviewer, as well as a communications and social dynamics expert.

His podcast, The Jordan Harbinger Show, was selected as part of Apple’s “Best of 2018″ and today clocks in at over 11 million downloads per month. Often referred to as “The Larry King of podcasting,” Jordan has spoken to a score of high-profile guests on the show including Kobe Bryant, Moby, Dennis Rodman, Tip “T.I.” Harris, Tony Hawk, Cesar Millan, Simon Sinek, Eric Schmidt, and Neil deGrasse Tyson, among others.

In addition to hosting The Jordan Harbinger Show, Jordan is a consultant for law enforcement, military, and security companies and is a member of the Northern California Chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists.

Listen in as Jordan discusses his journey from frustrated Wall Street corporate lawyer to entrepreneur and award-winning podcaster.

He also does a deep dive into business partnerships and how to know whether it’s time to fly solo. On the other hand, Jordan shares when forging a new partnership might be the best next step.

Jordan then speaks on how the schooling system promotes mediocrity by default and what it means for the natural-born entrepreneur.

Finally, Jordan touches on how entrepreneurs can become better leaders and managers of a growing business.

Jordan Harbinger – Education, Partnerships, and Fake Taxis!

Jordan Harbinger is a Michigan-born Wall Street lawyer turned podcast interviewer, as well as a communications and social dynamics expert.   His podcast, The Jordan Harbinger Show, was selected as part of Apple’s “Best of 2018” and today clocks in at over 11 million downloads per month.

Key Highlights

  • [04:00] An introduction to Jordan Harbinger
  • [13:55] Knowing when it’s time to part ways with a business partner
  • [21:47] What a healthy business partnership looks like
  • [26:11] How Jordan got kidnapped—twice
  • [29:31] Securing high-caliber guests and upping your game as a podcaster in general
  • [33:30] The problem with the school system and individual achievement
  • [37:09] The link between entrepreneurship and ADD/ADHD
  • [43:11] Discovering what you’re built to do
  • [45:31] The best style of management for entrepreneurs
  • [49:20] How The Jordan Harbinger Show gives back

Powerful Quotes by Jordan

  • When you’re in business, your business married that person who’s your partner. If one of them spends a shitload of money wastefully, that’s your money and you can’t do shit about it unless you have an intervention. If one of them is like, “My parents were never successful so I’m going to self-sabotage all the time and make sure we’re never successful,” that shit is in your house.
  • The Jordan Harbinger show would be less varied and interesting if there hadn’t been other really good podcasters that have done similar-ish shows. I would just keep doing things the same way. Competition makes you better.
  • [The school system would rather educate than inspire kids] because you don’t need to do that if you’re trying to churn out a consistent product. […] They’re trying to churn out a consistent product so that they don’t lose funding. Schools are playing defense.
  • The fact that you didn’t pay attention in school doesn’t mean you have ADD. It just means that you can’t sit there with everybody else who is literally average, by definition, and memorize stuff. […] Many people who think they have ADD probably don’t. They were just cooped up in a bullshit environment for a really long time and that’s not how they learn.
  • No job is like school. Zero jobs involve sitting there, being academic, and memorizing things while a teacher lectures. Zero jobs do this. Listening to lectures is one of the worst ways I can think of to deliver information to young people with active minds.

As an entrepreneur or really anyone in life integrity is key for being a great leader!  Before I dig into it to deep let me give you the definition of integrity and how I also interpret it!

Integrity as a leader and entrepreneur!

the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; moral uprightness.

At first glance it seems straight forward right? Just being an overall good person, but I look at it a bit deeper than that.  To me it is always doing the right thing even when no one is looking. Often times in business you could cut a corner when no one would even know, but then you have lowered yourself down to less of a person.  This will eventually become who you are because you did it once and no one noticed so why not right?

The issue that develops from this is when your employees see this happen! It sets a tone for the business, your making it known that you can get away with it so they can as well!  You want to build up integrity in yourself personally and your business as a culture as well.  In my fabrication business there have been several times we could have sent a part out the door with a flaw no one would have noticed.  We didn’t though because we have standards for ourselves as a business!

As a leader of my business,  I make promises to customers often with deadliness.  There are many times that I have made a promise knowing that deep down I really don’t want to have it completed by then.  Unfortunately, or should I say fortunately it eats me alive! When I give my word to someone I have to keep it.  I might have to get into work early and work late to make sure it gets done but my word is who I am.  What this does is build TRUST!  Once you create that with someone, you have reached a new level of a relationship!

Another key item that I think leaders who have integrity thrive with is the truth!  I feel like those with low integrity are afraid of hearing the truth.  Hearing the truth not only from others but from yourself as well! Those who seem to always be in the same position lack the authority to be honest with themselves.  They want to have an excuse of why they didn’t perform and have someone pick up their slack!  Do not be afraid of criticism as it is a quick way to improve yourself.  If you are unable to hear that criticism you will lack the integrity you need to be a truly successful leader. Leaders who understand that there are others out there who may know more will be successful!

Our episode on accountability resonates with this! Listen HERE!

At the end of the day integrity is something that is a habit that is built upon you.  It should not be something that is “situational”.  Integrity should be built into who you are no matter how big or small the situation may be.  What this does is prove to others is that you are as solid as it can be!

Here are some tips on how to build integrity:

  1. Keep your word
  2. Be Honest
  3. Be consistent-employees will see this!
  5. Be patient!

Work on these key 5 items and you will notice yourself building integrity! This is something that will be built and after time it will become who you are!  Everyone is always working to be better and this is just one way you can improve yourself and business!

Brad Loyet

Episode 30 is now live covering minimum skillset equals minimum wage.

As usual the team opens up with some great quotes that reference minimum wage and weigh in their thoughts on each of them!

The guys dig into what is a popular discussion in the country at the moment, and that is raising the federal minimum wage. At the moment the federal mandate is $7.25 an hour and the government is wanting to push this to over double at $15.00 and hour. Something that is often overlooked during these discussions is that many states have their own state mandate that is over that of the federal currently.

Most states that have a high cost of living are either already at the $15.00 an hour range or flirting with it already as you can see below.

New York$15.00
High Cost of Living States

States with a low cost of living are lower but often are still higher than the federal mandate already as you can see below here.

Low Cost of Living States

This would be the largest discrepancy with what they are trying to mandate. States are already factoring in what works for them and their work force. It makes you wonder if a blanket mandate for the country is really the right choice!

Entrepreneurs talk about minimum wage on their business development podcast!

So as an employee who is trying to get out of a minimum wage paying job what can you do? Here are some action items that you can take to elevate out of that position. Remember minimum wage jobs are for those with skillsets that have not been developed yet. As an employee you should not think that an entry level job should pay more than entry level pay!

  • Think of yourself as self employed
  • Ask employer where they see the future, 1 year out
  • What are the rules for success in your postion
  • Document what you did that has SAVED them money and in return MADE them MONEY
  • Clear communication with your boss.

Why do people get stuck in minimum skillset and minimum wage paying jobs for so long? Our host Matt would say that it is based on a law of averages of the people you surround yourself with. You inherit the mindset of the ones you are around the most.

Something that should also never be over looked is the fact that there is more education available at your fingers now than ever. If you are working a low paying job head to the internet and search how to do that job better. Below we have compiled 5 resources for some jobs and how you can do those better!

In closing remember Minimal Skillset equals Minimum Wage! Work your way up from those entry level jobs. Hustle harder than the person beside you and you will find success!

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From an early age I was conditioned to believe that discipline was a bad thing. I was disciplined when I got bad grades, when I stayed out past curfew, or that one time I got caught stealing Pokémon cards from a store when I was 12 and they brought me home in handcuffs to make a statement. Clearly, I was an awful kid and I deserved all of the punishment I received as a result of being a shithead, but let’s get back on topic. Google “Discipline” and you see words like punishment and “disobedience, but that is not discipline in my opinion. I believe that we should start teaching children that discipline is the starting point to any goal you want to achieve. Discipline is self-love, and as Jocko Willink says, “Discipline equals Freedom”.

When you think about most accomplishments, I want you to picture the cliché iceberg picture that you see on all of the motivational Instagram accounts. Above the water is what most people see, the success. Below the water is what nobody sees, but instead of it saying hard work, late nights, rejection, sacrifices, etc. it can all be summed up with one word….discipline. Discipline is the foundation of achieving any goal and becoming a better person. But don’t just take it from me, here’s what some of my favorite influencers are saying discipline can do for you:


Will Smith says discipline should be looked at as self-love. Every time you decide to reach for a donut while on a diet you should tell yourself, “That donut looks great, but it’s not in alignment with my long-term fulfillment. I love me too much to eat that.” 


Ed Mylett says the best way to build self-confidence is to keep the promises you make to yourself on a daily basis. If you tell yourself you’re going to make 50 sales calls per day your confidence grows in yourself every day that you keep that promise.


Jocko Willink is one of the most disciplined people on the face of the earth. You should not look at discipline as a restraint, but instead, as an opportunity to create anything you want in the future by holding off on the short-term gratification. 

Want to know the best part about discipline that I learned from Andy Frisella? It’s a skill, not a gift. It’s not some innate ability that some possess, and others don’t. And if you put effort into growing this mental muscle, you can use it as the starting point to achieve any personal, professional or financial goal that you want in life. 

Side Note: Nobody is ever 100% disciplined. I decided to write this blog after I housed a half dozen Krispy Kreme donuts while on my diet and then followed that up with $21 worth of Taco Bell that night. You’re going to fall off of certain disciplines, everyone does. Just know that the growth typically comes right after those times of failure.


Matt Kresko

Listen to our podcast on discipline here

This week on Brofessional Development the guys talk about  QUIT BITCHING AND COMPLAINING!

Entrepreneurs from St. Louis talk about why you should quit your bitching and complaining!

Quit Bitching and Complaining

This week on Brofessional Development the guys talk about BITCHING AND COMPLAINING! What is covered in this podcast: Personal and Professional relationships with complaining. Have you gone a full day without bitching? What people complain about! Why people bitch. If there is a time and place for it!

What is covered in this podcast:

  • Personal and Professional relationships with complaining.
  • Have you gone a full day without bitching?
  • What people complain about!
  • Why people bitch.
  • If there is a time and place for it!

We give input from some great minds such as Simon SinekEd Mylett, and Gary V on this episode as well. The conversation starts with 4 outstanding quotes centered around the topic and a huge announcement of a future guest you wont want to miss!

Dan ends the podcast with his tip of the week and we answer a listener question from Rich!

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Case Kenny joins Brofessional Development and the interview with Case Kenny brought a lot of different topics to the table and it all encompasses one common theme: self awareness. 

Case Kenny joins Brofessional Development

In this very special interview, Case Kenny of the New Mindset Who Dis podcast joins Brofessional Development to talk about his journey in growing personally and professionally, all while becoming a household name in mindfulness and self awareness. Case does this by simplifying every day problems that people face.

He believes that everyone was given a skill that they may be unaware of. It’s up to each of us to dig in and figure out what our larger purpose is.  

When we asked Case how he knew was destined to help people, he joked that he has spent the last 32 years of his life figuring out that he is really good at simplifying things. And he has this innate ability to lean into that and to create content that he can deliver to his audience. 

Case Kenny of the New Mindset Who Dis podcast talks with the entepreneurs of Brofessional Development.

He isn’t your typical “self-help guru” that shows you how to be happy. Instead he picks topics that burden people and simplifies it for them. “People no longer want to hear from experts. The age of the expert is over. People want relatable advice that is real”. 

While his podcast, New Mindset Who Dis, can be seen as dating advice or only for single people…there are many takeaways that people can apply to all aspects of their life personally and professionally. I recommend going through his catalog of podcasts and pick a few titles that catch your eye and give them a listen as it only takes 15-20 minutes per episode. 

In Case’s words “my law of attraction is I envision being someone who creates something from nothing and leans on their personality and talent to create a valuable business. And then based on that, I started to attract and notice people who do the same thing and that has driven me. It’s not what you want…it’s what you believe in” 

Figure out what you believe in… lean into that and go all in. People want solutions to their most emotional problems. Go where the audience wants to go and double down on those triggers. 

You can find Case Kenny’s podcast on all major platforms (Spotify/Apple), follow @case.kenny on Instagram and check out his guided journals at — Case has earned 7 figures this year and will hit 8 figures before the year is over with zero sponsors on his podcast. 

Listen to the full podcast HERE!

Bobby Drummond

I live for the thrill of victory and winning.  I am unsure of what gave me the quest to be a winner. If it was my surroundings growing up from teachers, family, and peers or if it was when I was racing.

In life I strive to be the absolute best at anything I touch. I pour in 110% behind everything no matter how little or small it may be.  

Since I got hurt and was forced to quit racing, I didn’t know if I would ever have that same burning desire to win like I once did. Luckily starting my own business has ignited that flame even brighter than it once was.

Brad Loyet, entrepreneur from St. Louis MO talks about winning!

My advice for anyone who is out there competing and not seeing the results would be these items:

  • Do you love what you are doing?
  • Are you dedicating the time needed?
  • Have you asked for help?
  • What drives you to succeed?

If you don’t love what you are doing you are always going to struggle to win.  Having a love for something makes doing the hard things easier.  Does it mean that it’s impossible? NO, you can still do it, but it is going to take a lot more effort.

 Which brings us to the time needed to get your results.  Often people see winners as lucky, yet they don’t see the amount of effort that is put in to get there.  If you are going to do something pour in as much time to it as you can.

In today’s world some people look at asking for help as weak. Personally, I look at asking for help or advice as a strong trait.  It means you are humble and want to learn.  No one person has all the answers and the sooner you realize this the sooner you will get to the finish line.  There are so many people out there willing to help you just go ask!

If you don’t have a driving purpose behind you why even compete!  For myself it is the freedom I am after.  To be able to take a day off and spend it with my kids. Travel to their athletics or educational events as they get older.  For others it could be money or fame.  Whatever it is find it and make sure you remind yourself of it every day!

We did a great podcast on that HERE!

In conclusion I will say that Winners WIN! It is just who they are as individuals.  I will leave it with a quote to sum up everything I have said.

“Winners never quit and quitters never win” Vince Lombardi

Brad Loyet

What is it with the generation I grew up in that lack the accountability?  I feel as though I was blessed to be surrounded by a family that instilled hard work.  I was very fortunate and have a family that many would call successful.  Many people think that my personal success is from having grown up in the situation I did, which in ways it has. This blog post is to explain a bit of why I think growing up with a father who forced accountability on me to be one of the bigger growth factors.

In business and specifically entrepreneurship you wear the hat of all the roles. So how does one make sure they find the most success? What I do is target a goal and try my best to get there. It could be as simple as block off an hour to work on a specific project or a sales goal for the month.  From there it is up to myself and the people around me to reach that goal!

What you quickly realize is you cannot do everything on your own.  As much as you want to be hands on in every situation you are doing more damage than good.  You have to delegate roles to those around you.  This is where accountability comes in! You must be clear with those who you give roles to or those that volunteer to do those roles.  Once you have set the job or task there should be a conversation about what is expected out of them. Once they know what is expected out of them it should be very clear on a timetable on when it should be completed.

This is where stuff starts to get a bit crazy in my opinion.  I am not sure if it’s the fact that people of our generation have been shielded or that cancel culture is so rampant now a days, but people HATE criticism.  Be the opposite end of that spectrum; thrive on the criticism and am my biggest critic.  If you want to grow you have to be able to learn from your failed attempts and be able to openly listen to those who are being critical of you.  From an early age I was told if I signed up for something, I had to see it through until completion! Even if I hated it! 

That ONE THING is what molded me to be who I am today! It also molded my expectations of others.  In life there is always someone out there who has it better or worse.  You are in control of one thing your entire life and that is YOU! Be the person you SAY you are going to be to others and yourself. When you do not keep your word, you should be held accountable, there should be words spoken, and you should be able to handle those words.  If you have excuses or hide behind something in defense you are hurting yourself even more in the process.  Believe it or not everyone has tons of shit going on in their life.  You should have been aware of this before you signed up for your task!  THERE IS ALWAYS SOMEONE OUT THERE WHO CAN REPLACE SOMEONE! 

How do I think people can improve this poor trait that culture has instilled in us? Be self-aware.  We have done a podcast on this as well which you can listen to HERE! I find it mind blowing the number of individuals that lack the self-awareness.  Every week you should audit yourself and be able to see what can be improved on! BE HONEST WITH YOURSELF! Lying about a result doesn’t change anything! There is often talk of Auditing your Circle which we have also done a podcast on HERE!  To me with accountability you should AUDIT YOUR CIRCLE when those around you are not providing what they say they are going to do.

REMEMBER YOUR WORDS ARE ONLY AS GOOD AS YOUR ACTIONS! Go out there and be the best person you can be! 


S = Set Expectations

I = Invite Commitment

M = Measure Progress

P = Provide Feedback

L = Link Consequences

E = Evaluate Expectations

Thanks for listening to my rant,


This week the guys are fortunate to deliver you a Ryan Michler Interview!

Ryan Michler is a husband, father, Iraqi Combat Veteran, and the Founder of Order of Man. Ryan grew up without a permanent father figure and has seen first-hand how a lack of strong, ambitious, self-sufficient men has impacted society today. He believes many of the world’s most complicated problems could be solved if men everywhere learned how to be better husbands, fathers, businessmen, and community leaders. It has now become his life’s mission to help men across the planet step more fully into their roles as protectors, providers, and presiders over themselves, their families, their businesses, and their communities. You can find him blogging and podcasting at Order of Man where he is working to help men become all they were meant to be.

Colin, Brad and Matt get into some deep conversation about what it takes to become the man you were meant to be.

We dive into how to audit your habits and your circle, Ryan’s decision to homeschool his children, why playing the victim is so easy, along with some never before heard personal stories of their own masculinity.

The guys also touch on some sensitive subjects in todays society and how we can try and reverse the actions that are currently playing out!

 You are definitely not going to miss this one and if you don’t already know Ryan, you’ll want to give him a follow on every platform.

Ryan Michler joins Brofessional Development

This week the guys have on Ryan Michler. Founder of Order of Man, Host of Order of Man Podcast, and author of the book Sovereignty. Colin, Brad and Matt get into some deep conversation about what it takes to become the man you were meant to be.

Listen to Ryan Michler with the guys from Brofessional Development

Find us at the links below to listen to this interview with Ryan.






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Seth Godin Breakdown on his blog Why isn’t there a line at the library?

Our newest weekly addition will be a weekly breakdown of a blog from one an influencer each week. This week Dan breaks it down for us! You can listen to the podcast or watch on YouTube!

Blog Breakdown of the week!

This is the first installment of a new weekly podcast from the Brofessional Development Team!  Dan breaks down a blog by Seth Godin and gives some points of interest to think about!  Enjoy the new segment!  If any other institution was giving away essential items, it would be a sensation.

If any other institution was giving away essential items, it would be a sensation. The grocery store, the car dealership, even the laundromat would have a line out the door.

And now that we’ve moved many elements of the library online, it’s even easier to access.

A century ago, information was truly scarce and books were far more expensive than they are now. A decade ago, obtaining the instructions on how to do something was difficult indeed.

“It’s too expensive,” or “I can’t get access to it,” used to be really good excuses. But they obscured the truth: “It’s too much work.”

And that’s the answer to the question. It’s too much work to change our minds. It’s too much work to dance with the fear of failure. It’s too much work to imagine walking through the world differently.

That doesn’t have to be the case. We can refuse to be brainwashed into accepting the status quo, and we can commit to finding the others, engaging with them and leveling up.

If we care enough.