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Building Systems That Make Success More Automatic

Usually, when starting a business, as the owner, you can essentially do what you want to do when you want to. You don’t have a packed schedule, yet you still work all the time to ensure your business is growing. When you want to take a day off, you close early and have a nice […]

Skillset Vs Mindset

Skillset Vs Mindset If you haven’t been told already, then probably you have heard that the most successful people are known to have either a great skill set or the right mindset that keeps them going. Others have a combination of both. But, is there a better option than the other? To sum up, you […]

Building A Circle That Creates Success

It’s always difficult to find and bond with people that share similar ideology with you, and those who only want to succeed just as much as you do. Even worse, with several friends and people around you, it can be hard to build an effective circle that can help you get to the next level […]

Man Up! How To Break Out Of Mediocrity And Take Control With Bedros Keuilian

This week, how to man up with Bedros Keuilian! Strength and growth only come through continuous effort and struggle. While the dream of every entrepreneur is to live on top of the mountain, all the happiness and growth occurs while climbing it. But in the absence of resources, you need to be resourceful and work […]

How to Start a Business

In today’s episode, we share tips on how you can start your business from the ground up. We also share our journey, why we started our businesses, the biggest struggles along the road, how we overcame each one of them, and the most fulfilling things about our businesses. Tune in to get some useful insights […]

Health VS Wealth

Whats the topic this week, nothing other than health vs wealth! The gang gathers this week to discuss the ridiculous heat, the OnlyFans drama, the best way to groom one’s body hair, and vaccine mandates. The main attraction, however, is the debate on how to find the balance between your health and your success. Working […]

Halfway to 100 Episodes!

Halfway to 100 Episodes

It has been almost two years since our first episode and now we are halfway to 100 episodes. What started as a hobby and something fun to do has now scaled to be part of our life. And today, we hit episode 50! Join us as we share about our journey, where the Brofessional Development […]

How we Manage to Manage!

Brad Loyet and Bobby Drummond sit down to discuss how to make better business decisions as a boss and how we manage to manage! They cover aspects such as hiring the right people, fostering the right culture, and making sure personalities are compatible. A business is a well-oiled machine, after all, and all parts must […]

Haters going to Hate

You see this guy right here. The one who was voted “Most Unlikely to Succeed”. That’s motherfucking Kanye West, a billionaire. Haters are going to Hate! Not fitting in with the education system doesn’t mean you won’t be successful. That’s what they tell you.  That’s what they want you to believe. That’s what they tell […]


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