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The Path to Financial Freedom

Definition of Financial Freedom Financial freedom is being able to do the things you want to do without having to worry about money. It can also mean having enough assets to make your money work for you. This is so you have the ability to work zero hours and still make money. You can also […]

FCC Commissioner asking to remove TikTok, Airbnb banning parties

Bobby Hitting His 2 Year mark of Sobriety Drinking can be addictive and can interfere with your business and lifestyle. You won’t often have the time and energy to work towards your business goals and achieve the success you want for your business. We are very proud of Bobby who has achieved his 2-year mark […]

jillian tedesco

Speaker Series Jillian Tedesco

The story of Jillian Tedesco’s company Jillian grew up to be an athlete which made her decide to start in the fitness industry when she was 22 years old. She was a personal trainer, had her own training studio, and continued to work for a decade. The first mistake that she did getting into the […]

75 Hard Tips and Tricks for Success

What is 75 Hard Program? 75 Hard Program is created by Andy Frisella as a transformational mental toughness program. This is where for 75 straight days, you must follow a diet designed to achieve your goals. This will include no alcohol or cheat meals, you will have to complete 2, 45 minute workouts. The 2, […]

Market Inflation & Sports Update, Coinbase Workforce Cut

Market Inflation Update Almost everyone in business are closely monitoring market inflation and just as every hoped that inflation prices has or had reached its peak, new numbers came in on Friday. We’re at a point of 8.6% inflation since May of last year, and this has been the fastest increase in inflation since December […]

Is honesty and transparency the best policy in your business

Is honesty and transparency the best policy in your business?

What does transparency mean? Being transparent is being clear with somebody whether it’s right or wrong, or indifferent while being honest is being truthful. When speaking to your employees about a certain problem they have with their productivity. You may think it will hurt the person’s feelings and give them a bad day. If you’re […]

How a Positive Mindset can Improve Your Business?

Business owners and new entrepreneurs are energetic and have a lot of motivation to push their business forward and succeed. However, not all entrepreneurs can endure the hardships and struggles of maintaining their motivation when problems arise. What is a positive and negative business mindset? A negative mindset can be a hindrance to your business […]

Elon Musk Ends Remote Work, Johnny Depp Won, Top Gun Movie

Elon Musk Ends Remote Work Elon Musk has recently called upon his employees, telling all of them that remote is over and they need to be back in the office for 40 hours a week. He also added, if they don’t like it, then they will be let fired. Although the idea of people working […]

How to Create a Compelling Vision for Your Business?

What it means to create a vision? Having a vision for your business is similar to your life goals. For some, their vision is to get abs they’ve been working out for, while others is to see themselves looking at their account and say, “someday this amount is going to be millions.” Having a vision […]


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