Mass Shooting at a Texas Elementary School

A mass shooting in Uvalde, Texas occurred killing 19 children and 2 adults. This is the deadliest school shooting in almost a decade.

Mass Shooting at a Texas

The lone gunman is an 18-year-old kid and had posted on social media saying, “I’m going to shoot my grandma.” Posted on Facebook after he shot his grandma. He then proceeded to crash his car, and posted to Facebook “I’m going to shoot up an elementary school.” The gunman had posted these things on social media prior to his actions.

Shooting at Texas

Social media is perceived as a bad thing because it has affected a lot of people’s mental health and people waste their time scrolling on their feeds. We hope that somehow in the future that Mark Zuckerberg could track things like this and help us prevent tragedies such as this. Something has to change whether it’s mental health or gun control, to try and prevent things like this from happening.

Airbnb Parties in St. Louis

Airbnb parties have been running rampant in St. Louis. This is happening all around the state and kids, often teens would book an Airbnb for a night. Once that’s done, the party starts at night, and landlords or homeowners will be the ones to clean up after. Most people can’t stand this and the rave parties can get real loud which will disrupt the entire neighborhood. Lots of teens are considering this because renting an Airbnb is much cheaper than renting a hotel room. In hotels, they would have to deal with security and the lack of space, while an Airbnb can provide all those benefits at a cheaper price.

Job Market Update

The Great Resignation in 2021 led to many people quitting their jobs. Grant Thornton did a survey on about 5,000 employees. 21% of American workers took a new job in 2021, and already, 40% out of that 21% are now looking for new jobs. LinkedIn data show that people having their jobs after being there for less than 12months, rose by 6.5% this year. It is a candidates market, this means that employees are the ones looking for better opportunities to earn more. Employers are the ones having a hard time finding good employees because everyone on the market is just looking at what employers can offer.

Cardinals Livening the Game Again

Yadier of Cardinals

After Albert’s pitch, Yadier got in and threw some innings after the Cardinals were up 18 and nothing on Sunday. Yadier gave home runs just like Albert did, and it’s getting better for the team. They can even make it better if Wayne got behind the plate closer to the end of the year. It’s good to see the Cardinals blow people’s minds out with these moves. It would make it really fun to watch if they would put people in positions they knew nothing about and see how it goes. Once they start doing that, people will start tuning into baseball more often.

Shooting in Texas, Monkeypox, Job Market Updates

Getting updated with the latest news that’s happening around us is important to find out if it may affect your business or not. Brofessional Development podcast covers trending news that should be brought to your attention. In this episode, we talk about the mass shootings in Texas, Airbnb parties in St.

Monkey Pox

Monkey pox virus

Monkey pox is not like covid-19 where you’re not going to get monkey pox just by going past the person that’s infected with it in the grocery store. This is coming from the CDC official Dr. Jennifer McQuiston explains. It spreads through continuous physical contact with a person who has an active rash.

You can do what you normally do but don’t rub yourself against another person who has any type of rash on their body. Monkey pox got its name in 1958 when two outbreaks of a pox-like disease occurred in colonies of monkeys kept for research.

What’s more important getting the most out of your employees or employees getting the most out of you?

As business owners, our business won’t run the way it should without hiring good employees. It’s important to take care of your employees, because your employees are unhappy with your work environment, then they may underperform and lose you money. Your vision for the company can’t be seen by everybody. The way you handle your customers can’t be carried over to your employees. This is why you should set the standards and care for your employees if you want them to perform well for your business.

Getting the Most out of Your Employees

Your employees has the right to get something out of you whether it’s money, benefits, work life balance, growth, or continued education, one of these will be important to them. Being able to offer what’s important to them will help motivate them to maximize their production in order to receive those benefits. Your business will benefit from their production and they will benefit from your offers for their work.

What you can learn from leading people?

One of the key things you can learn leading your employees is being able to understand their emotions. You can’t always see your employee happily working every day. There will always be a day where they can be down and that can affect their performance at work. People can have problems that arise such as family, health, and other issues. How you handle and try to have a conversation with them can have an impact. Employees knowing that you care about them more than just being an individual to make you money will help create a positive workplace.

Another thing you can learn from leading your employees is that, you can’t treat everyone equally. You can’t fully focus on top performers and provide them with more privileges just because you get more out of them. Check in with your lower performers and find out one of these three things:

  • Is something you can do to help them in improving their performance?
  • Are they not comfortable or capable of doing the job?
  • Or are they just refusing to work?

This is also a way of diving into their emotional side and understand how you can have a real relationship with your employees to help boost their work performance. Allow your employees to be able to reach out to you and you as their leader, be more open to conversations that not only focus on their performance but also their comfort of working on their job.

What’s better to have in an employee skillset or mindset?

A person with a good mindset of what they want to do and how they want to perform can acquire skills. If a person’s mindset doesn’t want to focus on the type of job they want, then even if they have the skills for it, they won’t be able to perform well. An employee with a positive mindset will be happy to be in the company and be willing to learn more skills. That’s a valuable type of employee, because in long-term employment that same employee with a great mindset can adapt to new trends and acquire the skills necessary to apply those trends to your business.

Some recruiters are caught up with the skill set an employee must have to perform in the company. These are essentially the qualifications required for the role a business is offering. A person with the skillset you need can still lack other skills which you might still take some time and resources to get them to learn it. If you’re training someone with a positive mindset, they will also take the same amount of time but may outperform the person with the skill set you set for the job role.

Getting the Most out of your Employees

If you create good systems as an employer or employee, then you can have a successful business. You define how well your employee will perform in your business starting from your hiring process, how you lead your employees and choosing the right employees that will match your business goals.

New tactics or methodologies to maximize production of people

One of the tactics you can try as a leader is to find out your employee’s personality traits. Personality testing is to try understand their traits that they show given a situation. Every individual has a different personality trait and each one will approach and accomplish your goals in their own way. If given a task, one employee can try to accomplish it through problem solving, while another employee can be innovative or improvise in solving it. Different personality types can be successful in the same role but have very different ways to do it.

The 90 day guarantee is when you should have some data within an employee that shows if he or she is going to be successful or productive to your business in the long-term. When you recruit a potential employee, you go through their references, skills, experience, and all the normal hiring procedures. You want to add another test which is the personality test to figure out if they are checking the right answers you’re looking for in an individual. At the end of the day, you want to hire someone who will benefit your clients and make a positive impact in your business.

Rise of Inflation

Inflation is constantly rising and is affecting a lot of people and businesses. The rise in inflation also affects people like Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos since they have a lot of money. Although the government is planning to raise interest rates to try and keep inflation down, it’s still unavoidable. Jeff Bezos commented on this issue and said “You’re not going to cure inflation at all, you’re actually going to hurt the people that inflation hurts the most.”

Increase in inflation

Although there are a lot of factors that affect inflation, Economists also state that inflation isn’t anybody’s fault but the government alone. This is because at the end of the day, the government controls the value of the dollar. Another reason why inflation has been high is because the government printed so much money in the course of two years, because of the effects of COVID-19. Mitt Romney said that they’re applying a bill that is going to prevent Biden from being able to forgive any student loans. This means that students who’re unable to pay their student loans can’t be forgiven, because there are students who’ve already paid and are paying their loans. Making it unfair for those students repaying their student loans, because the ones that can’t pay their loans are just going to be forgiven.

Although there are a lot of factors that affect inflation, Economists also state that inflation isn’t anybody’s fault but the government alone. This is because at the end of the day, the government controls the value of the dollar. Another reason why inflation has been high is because the government printed so much money in the course of two years, because of the effects of COVID-19. Mitt Romney said that they’re applying a bill that is going to prevent Biden from being able to forgive any student loans. This means that students who’re unable to pay their student loans can’t be forgiven, because there are students who’ve already paid and are paying their loans. Making it unfair for those students repaying their student loans, because the ones that can’t pay their loans are just going to be forgiven.

Understanding Inflation, Johnny Depp & Amber Heard’s Trial, Elon Musk Twitter Deal on Hold

Getting updated with current events is important if you want to understand what’s going on in the country. This will also help you understand how the economy is being affected by these new events. In this episode, we talk about the current events that are affecting us in business.

Baseball Events – Pujols’ first time ever Pitching

Albert Pujols, St. Louise Cardinals brought him to pitch and the very first pitch he threw, the batter gets a hit on him. It was a three run home run, and then he gave up another home run right after. That was Pujols’ first time ever pitching, but it was quite interesting event. He’s played every position except for two. We’ve come to see a lot interesting events from the Cardinals and this is just one of them. Earlier that day Wainwright and Molina were pitching which got them the lead and continued their streak.

Walmart’s Huge Loss in Profits in Q1 Earnings

Although Walmart got this huge loss, their retail in April still increased for the fourth straight month. Walmart’s losses has to be coming from their supply chain issues. There was a time where they weren’t able to keep up their supply for the demand needed of their goods. People are prioritizing retail over actual food which somehow shows how Walmart’s retail continues to increase.

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard

Statistically, more people are interacting with the news article about their trial, than topics such as abortion, inflation, Joe Biden, and Elon Musk. This is the biggest news that people are constantly tuning into and their traffic has jumped to 9%, 16%, and 22% in the last three months. We understand as this case is continuing on, Johnny Depp is the good guy and Amber Heard is the bad guy. However, it just seems people are wasting their time on an event that’s become a reality TV.

US Soccer Agreeing Equal Pay

If the women’s soccer team is winning gold medals and are succeeding in this sport, then they should get paid the same amount as the men that aren’t performing well. For this reason, they are pushing for this agreement to have an equal pay for both men and women in soccer. After they won the court case, they got paid 22 million which is what the men are getting paid for. US Soccer will also share a portion of its broadcast partner and sponsorship revenue with 50-50 split. This is equally divided between men’s and women’s soccer.

The main reason why men’s and women’s soccer game weren’t equal in the first place is because people would come watch men’s game verses women’s game. This is even though the men’s team don’t perform well, they would still get the attention of more people to come watch. The more people come to watch the more revenue it gets when the seats are being filled, and more people are there to purchase merchandise. All this revenue is gathered to give back to the players.

Elon Musk Twitter Deal on Hold

Elon Musk says the SEC reports said that there was less than 5% of bots or fake accounts on Twitter. However, Elon Musk things there is 20% to 50% of those are actual fake accounts. The CEO of Twitter could not provide that information to show that there is less than 5% fake accounts. For this reason, the deal will be hold until there is proof given.

An undercover video of a Twitter employee saying that Elon is trying to remove censorship. This refers to people being bullied, Elon thinks that this is freedom of speech. So the Twitter employee shows that with them fully censoring everything, they are not proving to be a freedom of speech type of company. In relevance to the fake accounts, there’s another topic that said Elon Musk’s followers, around 23% of them are fake or spam accounts.

Real Estate Housing Market Crash Issue

Real estate’s a very outstanding commodity right now and has been for a long time. From our research, there doesn’t seem to be a housing crash. If people are telling you that there’s a 100% crash, then they’re most likely trying to sell you something. However, we don’t actually know that it will happen unless it happens. People are comparing statistics from 2008, but the market right now is nothing like 2008.

In 2008, there was no demand and there was oversupply of real estate. Nobody is foreclosing right now and back in 2008, 50% of mortgages were FHAs or from Federal Housing Administration. These were higher risk for first time homebuyer loans. When you had an FHA, you don’t have a lot of equity in your house. But right now, it’s at 23% to 28% which means people have a lot of equity in their house. This means that if people took a downturn, then you would have options to cash out, and get bailed out.

Adjustable rate mortgages was up to 15% to 20% of the loans going out, which started out at a teaser interest rate of 2% to 3%. This could adjust based on the market, and when the market took a downturn, everybody’s interest rates were tripling and quadrupling after that making people unable to afford their mortgages.

Another thing to look at out for in housing crash when you’re thinking foreclosing or defaulting loans, is the job market. There will still be two jobs to every one person in the US as long as this is a candidate driven market, then people will not have issues getting jobs and have no issues paying their mortgage. Based on what we’re seeing right now, there’s going to be some course correct. This is where the prices will readjust and may probably go down to about 5%, but there won’t be a crash. There may only be a possible market crash but it will only be because of inflation.

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Tom Brady’s Fox Sport deal

Tom Brady signed a deal with Fox Sports $375 million for a ten year contract. Tom Brady in fact one of the greatest of all time. Almost everyone in America loves and knows him, but Brady still doesn’t seem to be the ad hoc he once was. Tom Brady is a great competitor, but he doesn’t have that ad hoc personality. When something is scripted he will stick to it and won’t try to do something that would spark additional attention. Despite this fact, he still does well on his Instagram videos and also did very well in various commercials.

Hank and Ria Drama

Hank Lockwood and Maria Ciuffo (Ria) dated for around four years, and have recently broken up. They decided to keep things clean and won’t talk about it in the office. However, pictures starting coming out on Reddit of Marty Mush and Ria. Ria’s past relationship with Hank Lockwood makes the situation a lot more complicated than it should have. Barstool Sports has always been the one that positions people to stay in the drama. The whole office became split and are interviewing people within their office. This even involved Tom Brady and he weighed in on the issue. They possibly have a reality TV show in the middle of Barstool because of this.

Would you rather have Barstool Sports Channel or ESPN?

Barstool is a serious threat when it comes to providing information on trending sports and pop-culture. It is somehow divides the viewer’s opinions when compared to ESPN for quality sports content. However as far as being your go to information on trivial matters, Barstool episodes tend to grab more attention. Although Barstool can’t be compared directly to Disney and ESPN’s performance, Barstool still proves to grow and have steadily increased its following.

What is trending this week!

This week the guys from Brofessional Development take a look at what is trending the last week!  Tom Brady signs a huge deal to jump in the booth after his playing career!  EA Sports and FIFA split after a dispute over money and contract talks!

iPod has been discontinued

We all have had our fair share of using iPods and provided us with quick and easy access to our favorite music and playlist. It’s officially been laid to rest on May 10, 2022. One of the best features of having an iPod is it almost lasted forever. You would be listening to your music for an entire day and still have enough for the next. However, the steady decline in sales of iPods made Apple decide to discontinue its production. iPhones proved to be an alternative if not better, and allowed users to make calls and access social media.

FIFA and EA Sports have broken apart

At one point FIFA and have broken apart, and this is the same thing that happened with NCAA. NCAA made a contract about how the players should get paid. It’s true that college players don’t get paid to be in their game. This is why the attention is now on FIFA. FIFA is an organization that’s considered to be a corrupt one. This is in the form of higher members getting money for things such as the World Cup. The game alone brought 20 billion sales over the past 20 years. FIFA is asking for 1 billion for a contract from EA Sports because FIFA is a huge sport and is bigger than any other game they make. Compared to Madden and 2K22, FIFA provides more sales. Considering NCAA college basketball, it doesn’t seem that it will perform any better. However, the NCAA college football with EA sports is coming back this summer of 2023, according to the CEO of Collegiate Licensing.

What’s Trending this Week?

How Peloton exercise bikes became a $4 billion fitness start-up?

Peloton is now worth around $4 billion, they started to peak around mid-pandemic in 2020. In a year to a year and a half they’ve managed to grow in such a short amount of time. Eventually somebody will buy them out, it will just be a matter of who. It may be Apple or Amazon, but regardless of who, they will get bought out. They also acquired a new CEO and this is why their business is making the news. There’s still a small percentage of people who would buy a fitness bike and stay on their paid online courses of $39 a month. It’s still a different experience when you go to the gym and pay for their membership to go ride on a bike.

Elon Musk Plans to Unban Donald Trump on Twitter

Elon has made an official statement saying, “I think perma-bans fundamentally undermine trust in Twitter as a town square where everyone can voice their opinion,” He also added that temporary suspensions made sense. “If there are tweets that are wrong and bad, those should either be deleted or made invisible.” With this statement, Elon is making a point to show which direction he wants to go with the platform. Elon is transparent with everything he does and people may say, “I don’t like him” or “I like him”, this will not affect Elon’s plans or decisions.

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Being Flexible and Adapting in Business

Being flexible is not getting emotionally attached to specific outcomes. You can’t always get what you want, and there will be problems your business will have to face. You must have the ability to adjust when things don’t go according to plan. Being able to quickly adapt to a new circumstance can help you get to a new outcome that can further benefit your business growth. From a sports point of view, there are a lot of teams that show different types of changes in front of you. If you don’t learn to adapt and make adjustments your team will have a harder time winning.

Flexibility and Adaptation in Life and in Business

Being flexible is not getting emotionally attached to specific outcomes. Being able to quickly adapt to a new circumstance is another way of being flexible in business. Understanding that even when things go wrong there are always opportunities there. You have to be flexible to become a successful business owner or you won’t last very long.

Is being flexible more of an attitude or behavior?

Being flexible is about understanding that even when things go wrong, there will always be opportunities present.

The attitude should stay the same and your behavior should shift. This is because the attitude should remain constant when trying to achieve your goals. However, something may interrupt your behavior while trying to achieve that and this is where you have to be flexible. When a problem arises you shouldn’t always change your attitude, but your behavior instead. Attitude and behavior are a combination, and it’s a situation where you can’t only focus on one over the other.

Action creates motivation, if there’s action then you will be motivated to carry on with the action. So, if your attitude isn’t good, then this will be a big part of your problem. If you don’t take action, then you will never get your business to be successful.

Flexible and Adapting in Business

Benefits of being flexible and rigid in business

Being fluid is important, this is if you plan on something, then you should stick to it while changing a couple of things along the way. However, if you go back and forth with your plans or change too much, it causes you to get stuck. For this reason, being rigid especially when it comes to your business is really good in life. You can’t allow people to dictate your course of action with what you already have planned.

If you agree with a customer saying that you need to lower the prices on your products, then it will be expected of you on your next product. This is the same when managing your employees. If you set a standard they need to follow and keep it, and one employee doesn’t keep that. You will eventually need to confront that employee. You can be flexible in your business when you know it is in your capabilities, but only be flexible when things are out of your control.

For example, if your employee has a family emergency, then you can be flexible with letting them go for the day. If something happens to your supply chain such as an accident, then you can’t control that. Only worry about things you can control and try to develop an action plan to get to a solution.

When you learn from a problem or situation, then you are adapting. Adaption by definition is the process of changing. This applies to changing your product or service to better suit the preferences of your customers. You will move forward with your business by adjusting little things.

When can are you being too flexible?

Adapting is a part of our life, if you’re not adapting, then you’re putting yourself in a position not to succeed and grow your business. When you’re too flexible with every area of your business, then this may turn into passivity. Don’t expect to have growth if you’re not going to change and not meet your own expectations. You’ll only need to be flexible when you plan on achieving your goal, and can be too flexible for that goal.

If it’s for another thing, then it may have a negative impact on your business and its growth. Not everyone in your business is going to think like you and expect you to be flexible. If you have employees that you are often flexible with and allow them to do things that are out of your business growth, then you’re setting your business to get stuck. Your expectations should always be met and being too flexible can be a hindrance.

You need a solid structure to ensure that you’re ready to keep going forward. This is through setting your goals and allowing your employees to be aware of that goal. You still have to stay rigid in order to help your business grow and accomplish the things you want your team to accomplish every day.

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This week we talk about automation in the business place. Business automation uses technology applications that perform repetitive tasks, freeing up employees for higher-value work.  Why do you need business automation, and what impact does it have on the employment rates?

Automation In The Business Place

Do what you do best and outsource the rest. Automation simplifies all business areas by automatically accomplishing tasks that an employee would have to do manually and letting them focus on higher ticket items. In this episode, we explore automation in the business place.

In this episode, we explore automation in the business place. From quotes on business automation and real-life examples of automation such as google drive cars by Waymo and drone deliveries by Amazon. Besides, we dive deep into the impact of automation on employment and why most people want their jobs and are in pursuit of independent jobs for their sustainability.

Automation in Business

Quotes on Automation

  • Automation is going to cause unemployment, and we need to prepare for it.~ Mark Cuban
  • Automation does not need to be our enemy. Machines can make life easier for men if men do not let machines dominate them.~John F. Kennedy
  • Do what you do best. Outsource the rest. ~ Peter Drucker
  • The first rule is that automation applied to an efficient operation will magnify the efficiency. The second is that automation applied to an inefficient operation will magnify the inefficiency. You need to make sure your process is efficient. Otherwise, if you have an insufficient or inefficient process, it’s going to be worse.~ Bill Gates

Real-Life Examples of Automation

Some of the real-life examples of automation include:

  • Google self-driving cars by Waymo company
  • Controlling lights with your phone Bluetooth
  • Adjusting the thermostat and having it know when you leave the house
  • Drone deliveries being tested by Amazon
  • The assembly line by Henry Ford

Investing in business automation

Businesses are embracing automation in their simple tasks and focusing on the higher ticket items.

“69% of managerial work will be automated by 2024.”

However, you will always have employees because you must ensure the systems and processes are correct, but a lot will be simplified where these people can start focusing on the higher ticket items.

Are we on the downtick like the industrial revolution?

How things are automated in the world is so easy, and people are doing their own thing. It’s a pre-industrial evolution where most people are just self-sustaining, like having their farm sustain them, and don’t need an actual job.

Systems make it easier for people to do freelance work. Besides, more business owners will come up because it’s easier, cheaper, and less risky. You’ll replace people with simple-minded tasks such as McDonald’s.

“A lot of people think whenever they hear automation, it’s some sort of robot that’s doing it or like some sort of, you’re paying other humans to do the things. So you get to focus on those higher ticket items and things that are really going to move your business forward.”

Why people hate their jobs

The pandemic caused a lot of people to realize they hate their jobs and want to do something on their own. People are looking to find solutions to different problems and work independently, for instance, YouTubers or Uber.

“60% of the US workforce will be independent by 2027. The pandemic caused a lot of people to realize that they fucking hate their jobs, and they want to go do something and work for their on their own.”

Do whatever makes you happy and makes you money.


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In this episode, we dive deep into what’s trending in business and entertainment.  From Drake’s versus Ceddy Bodwen roast on the internet, Drake getting revenge by sliding into his Wife’s DM, the Roe versus Wade debate on abortion rights, and the impact of the Fed announcing interest rate hikes by 50 points basis with the high inflation rate and GDP numbers being 1% on the negative.

Roe vs Wade, Fed Raises Rates, and BMI affecting Sexual Perfomance!

In this episode, we dive deep into what’s trending in business and entertainment.  From Drake’s getting revenge on an internet troll by sliding into his Wife’s DM, the Roe versus Wade deal, and the impact of the Fed announcing interest rate hikes with the high inflation rate and GDP numbers being 1% on the negative.

Besides, we look at Dave Chappelle’s attack on stage with a knife and how your BMI  and other factors might influence your sexual performance.

 Drake’s troll on Twitter

Somebody posted about standing up for dads that get mouthy and basketball games. Drake said, ‘it’s like a rite of passage, OG’s talk. I know I might be this way, even if my son is in a Rubix cube competition.”

Ceddy Bowden replied, “I bet your son plays with ghost riders.” In revenge, Drake replied, “I just followed your girl because she is probably miserable and needs some excitement in her life.”

The Roe versus Wade deal

What’s Trending in Business and Entertainment
What’s Trending in Business and Entertainment

There was a leaked document that the supreme court will look at the case. However, it was an interesting time when the document leaked just toward the midterms and aimed to divide the country further.

More conservative states will probably ban it, and more liberal states will allow it. This last happened in 1973, and 50 years later, the issue is being revisited.

If they tighten up women’s ability to get abortions, there’s a need for male accountability since there’s a huge problem with fatherless children.

“The US Department of Justice shows children from fatherless homes account for 90% of all homeless and runaway children.”

However, there have to be some exceptions, such as rape cases or any serious medical condition affecting the mother and child.

Fed announcing interest rate hikes

It announced a hike by 50 basis points. With everything going on with inflation, the Fed is trying to curb the interest rates and bring inflation down.

 The GDP numbers are 1% in the negative. So, if there are two quarters in a row where the GDP is down, it means we are officially in a recession. The Fed is in a weird place right now, and they need to balance the interest rates, inflation, and the dropping GDP.

In real estate, the housing process has gone up by 30% over the last two years, and doing this, will bring interest rates down. A high mortgage rate equals high borrowing costs for buying a house. So, less people will buy, making the prices go down.

“Low-interest rates shoot up, and the pricing of houses and higher interest rates shoot down.”

 Dave Chappelle getting tackled on stage.

Dave Chappelle got tackled on stage when somebody tried to spear him. Busta Rhymes and Jamie Foxxx beat up the dude, and he ended up with broken wrists and a dislocated elbow.

BMI and Sexual Perfomance

“Researchers in Turkey did a year-long study on BMI and sexual performance. So what it says is men with a higher BMI last, on average, 7.3 minutes. But men who are leaner hardly make it to 108 seconds.”

However, the are other contributing factors such as:

  • Blood circulation: If your body fat is super high and will pump so much to keep your vital organs, it doesn’t give much attention to your dick.
  • Working out
  • Foreplay
  • Age


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Lets get you to build a real estate empire with Sam Primm! Real Estate is amongst the best investments with robust long-term returns and is easy to start. Unlike what most people think, you do not have to accumulate huge sums of money to invest in real estate. You can leverage other people’s money, conserve the little you have, and increase your borrowing capacity.

How to build a real estate empire with Sam Primm

A lot of people think that you need to accumulate several million to invest in real estate, but you can invest even from jail as long as you have a phone. You don’t need to have a lot of money. You can leverage other people’s money and make robust returns by buying rental properties or flipping houses.

In today’s episode,  we speak to Sam Primm, the Faster freedom real estate owner and co-owner of Greater STL rentals. He shares his journey from growing up as an entrepreneur quitting his established 9-5 grind, venturing it full-time real estate, accumulating over a $25 million portfolio in real estate without investing his actual money, utilizing the buzz method to leverage people’s money, his funny moments as a landlord as well as building his brand to 1.5 million followers on TikTok in less than two years. Besides, he expounds on investing in self-storage facilities, doing your market research, and making sure you break even. If you are wondering where to start in your real estate journey, this episode is for you!

Sam’s Real Estate Journey

Most people break from the 9-5 grind because they are not making enough money and are looking for multiple income streams. However, Sam was making $250,000 per year, had a  very established career, but still decided to go on his own and venture into entrepreneurship.

Although Sam was still in real estate as a side hustle, he explains getting control of his life, financial freedom, and building generational wealth as the main drivers to venturing full-time in real estate.

“I was making great money, but I was making someone else great money.”

 Investing in real estate using leverage

 Investing in real estate is not hard as most people assume. You do not need a credit score or social security number. You can invest in real estate no matter what your situation is.

“You can invest in real estate from jail if you’re able to sneak a phone.”

Sam has accumulated over $25 million with a real estate portfolio by putting $0 of his actual money. You can buy rental properties or flip houses by basically leveraging other people’s money.

“Everybody borrows money. That’s how the world works. If you borrow money, invest in something that grows cash and produces value.

Where to start if you have $200

You wouldn’t have to spend a dime of it. In case you have your $200 ready, use the utilizing buzz method.

Leverage other people’s money and reserve your $200 to use if something goes wrong.

Setting specific goals on what you need to invest in per year

While setting your specific goals on what you need to invest in per year, evaluate the short-term cash position-what do you have now? This tells you whether you need wholesale, fix and flip, or you just go straight to buying rentals.

In addition, what are you looking into? Do you want to get out of your job? If not, then you do not have to set crazy goals. You can make a goal to buy ten rental properties in the next five years. Let’s say you have ten rentals in the next twenty years. It’s going to be $3 or $4 million of equity and will be worth more than what you got them at.

 How much time do you need to allocate if you’re in corporate to do ten rentals over five years?

If you are efficient and willing to learn from other people, connect with your local network, go to meet-ups, and get smartly involved in the community, it will take 10-15 hours a month.

“You  got to be involved with the local community no matter where you are.”

You have to find a title company, contractors, and insurance agencies that deal with real estate and investors in real estate.

Build a Real Estate Empire with Sam Primm!

Mentorship through Online Coaching

Every single investor I know has two things in common. They wish they had started earlier, and two, they all pay for some type of subscription or coaching service.

“ I spend $100,000 annually on furthering myself professionally and personally, and it’s way more than I get in return.”

Having the right mentorship just keeps you out of the gutters. It’s going to save you time, money, and headaches.

The first step to self-storage without experience

When engaging in self-storage facilities, the first step is to reach out to people in that space. Get involved with the community.

Secondly, is to work on your funding. A bank is more likely to do it since the industry is kind of recession-proof.

Finally, get out there, look for deals, and analyze them.

 How to determine whether a self-storage facility will perform

Do market research on the radius of the storage facilities around you to determine whether they will be full.

In addition, find a place that has a limited supply of storage facilities for you to break even.


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One out of five mobile searches is for porn. In 2018, there were 33.5 billion viewers, that’s 92 million visits per day which is as much as the population of Canada, Australia, and Poland combined.

Tune into this episode and listen to some of the top-earners in the porn industry, highest-paid scenes, average annual pay, and our go-to search! Besides, just like any business, we get to discuss the new venture in porn, VR  porn. Tune in for more!

Porn as a Side Hustle? The business of the PORN industry!

One out of five mobile searches is for porn. In 2018, there were 33.5 billion viewers, that’s 92 million visits per day which is as much as the population of Canada, Australia, and Poland combined. Tune into this episode and listen to some of the top-earners in the porn industry, highest-paid scenes, average annual pay, and our go-to search!

In this episode

[01:26] What we’ve been up to

[06:11] Euphoria movie on HBO

[10:58] Porn overview

[13:19] The wage gap in the porn industry

[14:42] The highest net worth of all pornstars

[16:58] Highest paid scenes per type of porn

[21:22] How long is a porn scene

[23:05] Average annual pay

[26:28] The Go-To search

[30:44] Why do a lot of girls watch lesbian porn

[32:15] Percentage of porn mobile search

[32:57] The new venture in porn-VR porn

[35:30] A funny story on uncircumcised dicks

Powerful Quotes

  • It’s more a supply and demand thing. There are more people into anal than there are in double penetration.
  • If you do lesbian porn for 40hours a week, you are a millionaire
  • I like understanding the dynamic between the two people. It’s interesting, aligns up, and I feel like I could be the guy.
  • A lot of girls watch lesbian porn. There is no incarnation to become lesbian, do anything with other chics, or be bi. It’s like the porn that is guy and female porn. It’s all about the dude.
Porn as a Side Huslte

The main of every business is making significant earnings out of it. The porn industry is not any different. The industry makes $95 billion annually, with some top actors making lucrative earnings.

In this episode, we get to discuss porn statistics from the wage gap in the industry, highest-paid scenes, average annual pay, percentage of mobile porn searches, and the favourite go-to search. Besides, we get to dive deep into why most girls watch girl to girl porn.

If you’re looking to understand the various dynamics in the porn industry, this is for you!

Porn Overview

The porn industry makes $95 billion annually. That is like the NFL, MLB, and NBA combined. In 2018, there were 33.5 billion viewers, that’s 92 million visits per day which is as much as the population of Canada, Australia, and Poland combined. Those are huge numbers.

The wage gap in the porn industry

The highest-paid porn star of all; time is Peter North. He made it from porn and appeared on the big screen in movies like Blade and Zack and Mirri Make a Porno. Peter’s Networth stands at 11 million dollars.

Jenna Jameson has the highest net worth on the female side, which stands at 30 million dollars.

When it comes to top earners, Tiger leads with 7.7 million dollars.

Highest paid scenes per type of porn

What is the highest paid scene between the different types of sex? That is Solo, Lesbian, Straight, Anal Group Sex and Double penetration? The answer is Anal.

“It’s a supply and demand thing. There are more people into anal than there are into double penetration.”

As opposed to what type is more difficult, it depends on what’s popular.

How long do sex scenes last

Some sex scenes could last from 45 minutes to roughly one how, but most scenes will last 20 to 30 minutes.

Let’s say one scene lasts an hour. You are a millionaire if you do lesbian porn for 40 hours a week.

Average Annual Pay

Just like in any business, there are low and high seasons. However, the average annual pay for a porn actor is between $40,000 to $50,000. In comparison to, the general annual salary for a person outside porn is $46,000

Favourite Go-To search

Most people do not have a go-to search, but they just browse all pages until they find the most interesting videos.

“I just browse the main page. When I see something I like, I pop it open and check related videos.”

You can also multiple tabs and figure out which is the best for you.

It’s like asking me what my favourite type of food is. It depends on time.”

Why do most girls love watching lesbian porn?

A lot of girls watch lesbian porn. There is no incarnation to become lesbian, do anything with other chics, or be bi. It’s like the porn that is guy and female porn. It’s all about the dude.

They know what they are doing more than we ever could. It is more realistic to them.

Virtual Reality Porn

VR porn is expected to be a $1 billion business by the end of 2025. Just like virtual reality gaming, which is at $1.4 billion.


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What better way to learn Customer Service with Expert Shep Hyken! Great customer service keeps your customers coming back and increases your referrals. It is one of the best strategies to increase your revenue and gain a competitive advantage.

Customer Service Expert Shep Hyken!

Improving customer service is a vital part of growing any business. After all, the lifeblood of any company is repeat customers. As many as 70 percent of customers say they’ll spend more with companies that provide excellent customer service. In a market where it’s easier than ever for customers to take their money elsewhere, how can you improve your customer service?

What are some tricks in customer service? How can you succeed in excellent customer service? Besides, what’s your role as a leader in implementing customer service?

This article expounds more on some strategies you need to succeed in your business and keep your customers coming back. If you are wondering how to handle that unhappy customer who keeps complaining, this is for you!

Tricks in Customer Service

  • ●Process Improvement
  • ●Listening to the customer
  • ●Getting Feedback from customers
  • ●Acting on that feedback

Why most organizations fail customer service

Some organizations aim to invest in customer service, but they end up failing. Where do these companies go wrong? Such companies tend to invest in customer service based on the competitors rather than their customer’s wants.

You can’t just say, let’s give great customer service. There are certain angles you need to hit:

  • ●Have it in your culture

“Customer service is not a department, it’s part of the culture. It is the philosophy of the company.”

  • ●Proper Training

Training is not one time. You can’t just watch the course once. You have to go through it over and over again.

“Training is not something you did, it is something you do. It is ongoing.”

  • ●Who to train

Instead of creating the culture and training people properly, most organizations think they only need to train front-line workers. However, it’s never the case. You have to recognize that you have internal customers, the people you work with. If you do not treat your internal customers the right way, you do not expect these people to go and do a perfect job for the outside customer.

Role of Internal customers in Customer Service

Whenever a customer comes into contact with any aspect of the business, they form an impression. Therefore, no matter how big or small the company is, every person in your company has some impact on the customer’s experience.

Always ensure that you have good customer service. Are your employees working for a paycheck or the company? Do you pay them what they are worth? Ensure you create an environment that is fulfilling for your employees.

“If you take care of people on the inside, they are going to take care of people on the outside.”

Customer Service Solutions

Teach your customers to use customer service resources such as customer relationship software.  Using this software enables them to resolve issues on their own within a short time.

“It is impossible to wow someone everytime they call. I’m calling to enquire my bank balance. Wow that’s amazing. It doesn’t happen.”

Although you cannot always wow a customer, you can amaze them all the time by ensuring every interaction they have is slightly better than average.

The unhappy customer versus the happy customer

If you get someone that complains and always has an issue, it is an opportunity to learn from that. How do you get to eliminate, mitigate, or train people to respond, so it does not happen again?

For both the happy and unhappy customer, you need to ask the reason behind it. If it is bad, what can you do about it and prevent it? If it is good, how do you operationalize it?

The role of leaders in great customer service

In a customer-focus culture, leaders have to demonstrate what they want everyone else to do.

“Wear it on your sleeve and have it in your heart. Walk the talk.”

As a leader, always stoop to excellence. Be willing to stoop to whatever level to ensure an excellent experience.

Communicating with your Clients

Good customer service involves communication with your clients. You can do this via personalized handwritten thank you notes, texts, emails, or videos. It does matter whether it is digital or handwritten. Just personalize it and do it right!

Hope you enjoyed our episode with Customer Service Expert Shep Hyken!


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