This week the guys talk about Planning Versus Action and the importance of the two!

Often in the business and entrepreneurship world there is a large amount of time that is spent on planning towards your goal. Thoughts and ideas are put down in effort to try and achieve success. What if you never take action though? Can your goals be achieved or will they just be dreams that never became reality. On the flip side though, can you achieve your goals by taking action without plans? Most the time the answer is yes! You may fail or stumble along the way but odds are you will find success!

Planning versus Action

This weeks topic is Planning vs Action and the importance of the two.  We discuss what percentage we feel should be put towards both in order to succeed toward your goals.  We talk in depth about paralysis by analysis and the Pareto Principal as they go hand in hand with this topic.

On this episode the guys discuss what percentage they feel is correct in order to have the right amount of planning vs action. Matt also touches base on his Ennegram personality test that relates to how he plans, for more on that listen to our entire episode on it here!

We discuss Elon Musk “5 Minute Rule” in which he plans out his day in 5 minute time blocks the evening prior! This is coming from one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world.

The Pareto Principal is also touched on in how the 80/20 rule affects the amount of time needed on planning vs taking action.

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Our mission is to curate information from the top influencers around the world. We provide you with real, actionable steps on how to improve in any and every area of your life, whether your an entrepreneur, C-Suite Executive, or just starting your journey of Self-Development. Brofessional Development is all about growth, and you know if you’re not growing, you’re dying. Goal Setting for 2021!

Goal Setting

Our mission is to curate information from the top influencers around the world. We provide you with real, actionable steps on how to improve in any and every area of your life, whether your an entrepreneur, C-Suite Executive, or just starting your journey of Self-Development.

This team has just returned from Colorado where they spent 4 days setting goals for the Brofessional Development Brand along with every members personal goals for 2021. It was only fitting to tackle a podcast on setting goals. In the process of goal setting the team has laid out plans for the podcast. Which should benefit you the listener. With structure added along with new weekly segments we are proud to bring you what is the rebirth of our podcast!

This week the guys start off with a segment from Bobby that is one of our newest segments, “Influencer of the Week.” Highlighted this week is Case Kenny with the New Mindset, Who Dis? podcast. In 5 minutes Bobby gives us all the hot and important details to showcase another influencer in our field trying to help others!

From there the team breaks down some goal setting quotes! These arefrom some of the greats in the world of business and self development. Which segways us in perfectly to talking about goal setting. Why it is important to set goals? To have a purpose behind them! Then how to take action to achieve them!

We call this GPA:

  • Goals
  • Purpose
  • Action

What is also discussed our goals that have not been met during the 2020 year. We discuss that if meeting your goals was easy, how much of a goal would they really be. Everyone is trying to be in that 1% club and the bigger and harder to achieve your goals are, the more success you will see in the future!

To finish off the episode Brad comes in long and hard to showcase our debut of the “Just the Tip” segment. Every week we will end the episode with a new life hack to help you improve! Be sure not to miss each week as the guys are sure to provide you their quality TIPS!

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This week on the Brofessional Development Podcast was joined by Emily Frisella! Emily is one of the leading female entrepreneurs in St. Louis, MO! Hard Work Knows No Gender!

On this episode Emily fills us in on her latest business venture The Paper and Plan Co. which just debuted this month along with her thoughts on female entrepreneurs!

STL’s leading Female Entrepreneur!

Also, the guys dig into a topic that is often overlooked with women in the business and entrepreneurial space, and that is how to overcome the mentality that females cannot be successful! On the podcast Emily drops a quote that will change a lot of views on this matter that you will not want to miss!

Finally, Emily shares her thoughts on something she has said before! Hard work knows no gender! Your work equals your results and respect! Emily brings it to our audience in a laid back and easy to approach way that makes this a must listen to episode!

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Emily Frisella – Hard Work Knows No Gender!

This week the Brofessional Development Podcast was joined by one of the leading female entrepreneurs!  Emily Frisella joined us this week to talk to us about her newest venture! She also filled us in on her thoughts about women in business and how to overcome the mentality that females cannot be successful.

This week on the Brofessional Development Podcast the guys talk about COMMITMENT!

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So what are Commitment Issues?

They break down what does it mean to commit, is it possible to over commit, and when to say NO! Not only do they give you this, but they actually apply it to several real life situations that happened this week among the hosts as well. This not only gives you outline of each but also gives you a real life application to open your eyes to what commitment means!

What about 75Hard is new with the boys? Well do we have some BREAKING NEWS on this episode! We have had our first FAILURE among the group! You will not want to miss the guys talk about it this week as it is sure to make you laugh! While one victim has lost his battle we still have three guys who are going strong!

Commitment Issues

On this weeks episode of the Brofessional Development Podcast the guys talk about COMMITMENT!  They discuss what commitment means, is it possible to over commit, and when to say NO! The guys apply it to some real life examples that happened among the group this week that is sure to make you laugh and give you a good insight of commitment!

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This week on the Brofessional Development Podcast the guys dive into the quote “Separation is in the Preparation” which has been discussed by the likes of Ed Mylett and Russell Wilson! Along with giving us an update on their 75Hard Journey!

Starting with Separation is in the Preparation the guys discuss what they believe the meaning behind it is. How they utilize it on a daily and weekly basis. The pros and cons to being prepared, as when is to much preparation holding you back from executing. They also based a new challenge for each other based around it for next week! They guys are going to plan out a full week in advance and see how closely they can stay on schedule when being prepared! Matt is clearly the front runner among the guys to complete and win this challenge!

With 75Hard the guys talk about the challenges they have encountered so far. Dan is struggling with a bit of anxiety with the intent of his workouts! Colin seems to have found a solid routine, and with the help from his girlfriend they seem to be on the right track. Bobby is absolutely KILLING it, he is 30 days in and 41lbs down! Check out his instagram post HERE! Brad is also on good track and is finding himself a lot more in touch with nature during his outdoor workouts. The key words that seemed to come out of everyone during this discussion though was TIME MANAGEMENT! Which connects “Separation is in the Preparation”, without a clear plan the guys seem like their days can be more work and harder to complete 75Hard each day!

Bobby also ended the episode with a solid quote which circled us back to our previous episodes on Law of Attraction!

Separation is in the Preparation

On this weeks episode the Brofessional Development hosts focus on Separation is in the Preparation!  Everyone gives their input into what they take from it, how they may prepare, and where is the line to quit planning and attack They guys also gave a look at how 75Hard is going as they are done with their first official week.  They talk about what has been hard, what has been easy, and some things that they are really gaining from doing it!

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