Elon Musk Ends Remote Work

Elon Musk has recently called upon his employees, telling all of them that remote is over and they need to be back in the office for 40 hours a week. He also added, if they don’t like it, then they will be let fired. Although the idea of people working home has a lot of benefits, especially when having to work half the time. It also allows employees to cut some of their expenses on food and transportation. Employees are supposed to support the business and help it grow, but it can be difficult for employees who surrounded by distractions at home.

Elon Musk ends remote work

A hybrid model of remote and office work allows you to give the flexibility of having some days work from home. This secures that your employees are happy and doesn’t have to go to the office every single work day.

We feel that this will continue because decisions are being based on data. This means that there have been businesses that showed lower productivity when remote work was introduced into their model.

Gun possession conditions

Americans should make it more difficult for people to purchase a gun. We are still going to experience the same situation in Texas if people are still able to freely buy guns. Another thing people should start doing is finding out ways to diagnose people with mental disorders from an emotional standpoint. This is because people that end up having these issues are the ones that have fatherless homes or those who don’t have good relationships with their parents in general. We need a way to analyze these people before allowing them to purchase a gun.

If guns were regulated just like cars, then people would have tags at each point of sale. This will also mean that they’ve gone through gun training, written tests, practical tests, and basically every requirement to show that the person purchasing the gun is actually going to use it for protection and nothing else. Guns should also be taxed where you’ll have to pay tax for owning a gun and the number of ammunition you own every year

Johnny Depp awarded $15 million in the case against Amber Heard

Johnny Depp awarded $15 million in the case against Amber Heard

Johnny Depp won his case against amber heard and will receive $15 million. Amber Heard also owes another 7 million to Children’s Hospital. This due to the fact that she pledged the money that she was going to receive from the previous case that she won against Johnny Depp. She even fought that she just pledged, she didn’t mean that she gave the money or donated it. She was going to donate some money and got called out for not donating the money.

Top Gun beats Pirates of the Caribbean: At Worlds End Box Office record

new Top Gun Starring Tom Cruise

The new Top Gun Starring Tom Cruise has recently took the number spot in Box Office revenue. The movie made $156 million in 4 days beating Pirates of the Carribean which had $153 million. The movie also received very high review ratings from Rotten Tomato’s critics. In the movie, they rented planes from the military which was never done before.

The military had to grant them to fly at a certain level in the movie. All the stunts done was 100% real and was flown by real fighter pilots.

Ricky Gervias stand-up Comedy show

Ricky Gervias is a stand-up comedian and in the Golden Globes a couple of years ago. He was reviewed in Rotten Tomato and received a professional critic review of 14%. This is even though the audience review of his comedy is 92%. The reason for this is because of his use of words about transgender people.

Taco Bell Brings back their Mexican Pizza

Taco Bell Brings back their Mexican Pizza

Two weeks ago taco brings back their Mexican pizza and everyone gone crazy about it. Now they’re at a shortage and it has gotten harder for people to find a Mexican pizza. If you tried searching for Taco Bell’s Mexican pizza in food delivery apps or Google, there would no longer be an offer for it.

Johnny Depp won, Top Gun movie , Sheryl Sandberg COO of Meta/Facebook

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Mona Lisa painting gets caked

Mona Lisa painting was hit by a cake by a man dressed up as a woman in a wheelchair. The cake was eventually wiped off by a security guard. It was hard to imagine that someone would think about doing a stunt like this out of boredom or hate.

Mona Lisa painting gets caked
Sheryl Sandberg stepping down as the COO of Meta or Facebook

Sheryl Sandberg was the face of women in business, and had a huge reputation and following of women. This was a position she announced in June 1, 2022, that she will be stepping down in the fall of 2022. She acquired the position back in 2008, becoming the second highest ranking official of the platform.

Not a single company went IPO in the market

This is the first week in over 2 years that not a single company went IPO or initial public offering. A lot of companies have been going public to raise their funds and grow their company. An IPO can get you a share of that company for what you bought it for. With inflation, high valuations of these companies have gone down. People think that consumers are going to eventually stop buying startup products because of this. Although big companies are still growing, their stock price is going down. COVID-19 was the cause of the previous market crash. Currently, the market is going down every day, but the market is still tanking this.  The other thing that will be affected by this is startups are going to have trouble continuing their company. In order to survive, they must try to either cut down their expenses or make money faster.