Usually, when starting a business, as the owner, you can essentially do what you want to do when you want to. You don’t have a packed schedule, yet you still work all the time to ensure your business is growing. When you want to take a day off, you close early and have a nice day off! This is how many people operate, without much discipline. But when your business picks up, you find yourself hiring employees to help with running it as it generates more revenues. But you now need to effectively manage and operate your business, unlike before when you were just getting started. To make it easy to effectively run the business, building systems that make success more automatic for you can really be important. 

Building Systems That Make Success More Automatic

Building Systems That Make Success More Automatic In today’s episode, we’re joined by the world’s most disciplined man and an author of three books, Craig Ballantyne. Craig is also the owner of, where he works as a coach for thousands of entrepreneurs in over 45 countries.

In today’s episode, we talk to Craig Ballantyne, who is the co-owner of the website, where he works as a coach for thousands of entrepreneurs in over 45 countries across the globe. Craig is also the author of The Perfect Day Formula, which will teach you how to own your day and control your life to become even more disciplined and effective on whatever thing that you do. 

He has a Master’s of Science in Exercise Physiology from McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, and spent over 21 years in the fitness industry where he helped clients get faster results with his Turbulence Training Program. Craig has also written articles that have been featured in the Men’s Health Magazine. He has also created a series of coaching programs for top performers, entrepreneurs, and executives. Currently, Craig has fully specialized in productivity, self-improvement, personal development, self-discipline, leadership, speaking, and writing. 

In This Episode

Born lazy and an introvert, Craig suffered from crippling anxiety attacks. However, he’s now built systems that have allowed him to build multiple 7-figure businesses, stress-free. He shares about how you can be more productive with your day, become more time-efficient, and grow your business to the next level without putting too much stress and pressure on yourself.

Building Systems That Make Success More Automatic

Key Highlights in This Episode:

[04:02] From “lazy’ to the world’s most disciplined man

[09:44] Being efficient with your time

[14:21] The four-quadrant metrics in our gene

[16:38] Questions to help you make an extra 10 hours/week

[20:33] The magic time and the science behind it

[24:15] How early should you wake up?

[25:25] How much sleep do you get?

[27:45] Breaking away from suffering in silence

[31:49] Separating your emotions from the job

[35:20] Only fans inquiry: Finding a mentor

“It all comes down to building systems that make success more automatic for you. That’s what allows you to be disciplined in the eyes of other people and get great results”

Being Efficient with Your Time

If someone has any ambition at all, the reason they are not successful is that they have not built systems that protect them from roadside bombs. 

The first important system that you have to work on is becoming efficient with your time. Most people spend too much of their time on the least productive things and end up wasting a lot of their time. 

Any successful entrepreneur will tell you that time is the most valuable resource for them because it’s the only one that never gets back. The good thing is that we all have time, equally. What brings the difference is how we manage it.

Questions To Help You Make Extra 10 Hours A Week

Craig lists these questions as key in helping you create more time if you find yourself held up throughout the week, yet you need to be more productive:

  • What do you hate doing in your business? You have the answer in your mind. Whatever, you hate doing, always avoid creating time for it during your magic time (the time of the day you’re more productive, creative, and energetic). Avoiding doing it can help you be more productive by saving yourself a couple of hours and mental energy. You should then do what you hate doing when you’re done with other things and wouldn’t mind spending a lot of time doing it.
  • What should you stop doing, that nobody else should do? This includes spending time on unproductive and distracting activities such as social media, drinking too much beer or wine. This helps you wake up feeling stronger and ready for the next day, therefore becoming more productive.

Tips to effectively manage your time

  • Stop multitasking. Brain jumping between tasks makes it extremely exhausting and makes you less productive.
  • Set deadlines for every task that you do. Otherwise, you may spend too much time on something, costing you a lot of energy than what’s needed to finish it.
  • Prioritize tasks. 
  • Get rid of the things that often distract you while working. A good example is switching off your phone when working.
  • Work when you’re most productive. It’s not always easy to be fully focused and productive all the time. Figure out your magic time and give it your best.

“You make time for things that matter. You don’t find time for the things that matter.”

Sleep & Waking Up

Craig says that the time you wake up is not so important. What is so important is what you do when you’re up. Since most people go to bed late in the night, there’s no need to wake up early in the morning if it’s not right for you. 

On how much sleep you should get, he says not every day has to be the same. You can go to bed at different times during the week, and it won’t affect your effectiveness. 

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It’s always difficult to find and bond with people that share similar ideology with you, and those who only want to succeed just as much as you do. Even worse, with several friends and people around you, it can be hard to build an effective circle that can help you get to the next level of success. It’s true, your friends are different and you can’t lose them to remain with just a few that buy to your thoughts. But you still want to grow and want to achieve so much in life with the “right” circle. So how do you start building a circle that creates success in such a situation?

Building A Circle That Creates Success

When you’re yearning to take yourself to the next stage of life, you need people around you that will push you towards working for success. You need to have a circle with like-minded individuals who share similar ideas like yours.

In episode 53, we shared some ways and tips to get started. We also shared some notable quotes from successful people on how you can start your own circle.

The Mastermind Session

The Mastermind Session is an in-person event hosted by the Brofessional Development Podcast team where we get to know each other, share teaching lessons on certain entrepreneurial topics, and try to solve each of our member’s issues in their businesses.

A total of 16 people attended our first Mastermind Session, with individuals coming from diverse backgrounds. Whether you have 30 years of experience in entrepreneurship, you’re just getting started or seeking ways to be a good employee, the Mastermind Session accommodates every kind of person that wants to grow and better their life.

In our first session, there was no structure we followed. People shared their stories and the problems they would love to be helped with throughout the session as we got to know each other.

The Second Mastermind Session is scheduled for October 30th, and everybody is welcomed! We will have a clear structure to address specific topics that seek to teach lessons to members as we also share some insightful experiences and tips around specific topics.

Remember: Mastermind Session is not about selling anything to anyone. It focuses on helping members become better individuals.

How To Build A Circle That Creates Success

“The place to begin building any relationship is inside ourselves, inside our circles of influence, or our own character. – Steven Covey.

Even before you think of building a circle of people that are going to help you get to the next level, you first have to start getting to the next level. You need to have a mentality switch that says, “I want to be that person.”

Can you have multiple circles?

It’s not about losing friends to allow yourself to grow up. But it’s possible to lose touch with some of them.

The good thing is that you can have multiple circles for every part of your life that you want to build on. This is important because you won’t find yourself losing friends because they don’t buy into your thoughts and ideas.

For instance, you can have the following circles in your life and not lose anything:

  • Family
  • Volleyball friends
  • Golfing friends
  • Business friends
  • Growth mindset

Even spending a day with somebody once a month that you think isn’t a good company will not hinder you from getting to where you want to be. Sometimes you need time off to shake off things in your life and be free.

“It’s so easy to get into a circle if you just put some effort into where you want to go.”

Building a circle can be easy when you involve social media.

Just add a post advertising your intentions and the type of people you’re looking to have. You will probably get one or two people that are interested, form a group, plan for a meetup talk about it, and get started! Other people will join later once you’re rolling.

Whatever circle you want to build, most people really want to be part of it but they just don’t know how they can. Sometimes people just wait for you to ask!

Building A Circle That Creates Success
Building A Circle That Creates Success

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This week, how to man up with Bedros Keuilian! Strength and growth only come through continuous effort and struggle. While the dream of every entrepreneur is to live on top of the mountain, all the happiness and growth occurs while climbing it. But in the absence of resources, you need to be resourceful and work yourself to where you want to be. You need to break out of mediocrity and take control. If you’re wondering how to make the U-turn and head towards success, this episode is for you. 

Man Up! How To Break Out Of Mediocrity And Take Control With Bedros Keuilian

Bedros Keuilian is a performance coach, speaker, and also business consultant. He has invested in dozens of businesses and companies, ranging from digital media agencies, software, education, and consulting firms. Bedros is also the founder and CEO of a four-time Inc.

In episode 53 of the Brofessional Development podcast, we interview Bedros Keuilian, a performance coach, speaker, business consultant, and the author of Man Up: How to Cut the Bullshit and Kick Ass in Business (and in Life). Bedros has invested in several companies in the digital media, software, education, and consultation industries. He is also the founder and CEO of the Fit Body Boot Camp, one of the fastest-growing franchises in the US. 

Bedros Keuilian’s Early Life Struggles

But all these were not an overnight success. From escaping Russian Communism with his family at the age of six, Bedros and his family found themselves in Italy before entering the United States “legally.” He remembers the hardships the family went through while he was young, getting infected with lice, and even eating expired food from the groceries. 

“We were so broke. My mom had my dad siphon gasoline from a parked car, and she washed my hair with gasoline because it kills lice and it was free.”

But the early life struggles taught him many lessons about becoming an entrepreneur. He says the first lesson he learned was to become resources in the absence of resources such as food and money.

The Turning Point & Becoming An Entrepreneur

Growing up, Bedros Keuilian lived a life of violence in his late teens and early twenties until they were busted by the police attempting to rob a woman, and all his other friends getting sent to jail. He was left free after the woman didn’t identify him. This was Bedros’ turning point which made him address his inner self to relieve stress that was as a result of being molested while still young. 

He decided to seek 16-weeks therapy to help him cope with the stress and anxiety so he could grow his business. 

While working as a personal trainer, Bedros met Jim Franco who asked him about owning his own gym. Being frank with him, he said he knew nothing about entrepreneurship. That’s when Jim started mentoring him to become an entrepreneur. 

Bedros says anyone can become an entrepreneur. You only need to:

  • Figure out what you can do better than others because the odds are that people are doing what you want to do.
  • Find someone that’s doing what you want to do and model success. 
  • Work for successful individuals and learn from them.
  • If you don’t want to work for them, hire them as mentors.

Finding a mentor

With several mentors in the market, it can be hard to find the right one to help you grow and become successful in whatever you’re doing. Bedros says that in order to find a mentor, you need to:

  • Ask the potential mentor to give you three or four names of their previous clients in the field you are in and talk to them to see the results.
  • Ask to be referred to them.
  • Go work for someone you respect in the industry you want to be in, and learn from them.

He has worked with several mentors on his journey to success on how to Man Up!. Some include:

Joe Weldon- speaking coach

Dan Kennedy- copywriting coach

Joe Polish- marketing coach.

“I paid so much money to mentors and it’s literally the best investment I’ve made in terms of business. Mentorship on every level of business, marriage, mindset, and psychology is necessary”

 Managing your business

As a business owner, there will be so many duties and work to do. The best way is to delegate some things to your employees and only be left with the ones you can only do. Bedros advises that you pay people to do 95% of work and only be left with the 5% that you can only do. 

After delegating, you need to motivate your partners, employees, and partners to realize sales. 

To build a strong team, you need to be a great communicator and lead from the front, while taking care of them. If you don’t, they will soon leave to join your competitors or even biome one.

He says that as a business owner, don’t be quick to fire and so slow to mentor and develop. 

We hope you enjoyed learning how to Man Up with Bedros Keuilian!

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“If you want to turn your employees into high-performing team members, develop them. If it still doesn’t work out, give them the gift of goodbye.

Man Up with Bedros Keuilian!


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n today’s episode, we talk about focusing on mental health, what it means, some shocking stats in America, and best practices that can help you improve your mental health. Tune in to listen to these and other topics such as the benefits of getting your mental health right, and some resources available for you.

Wrap Your Head Around Mental Health

Wrap Your Head Around Mental Health

This week Bobby Drummond and Matt Kresko drop some knowledge on Mental Health Awareness! Often a topic that is left untouched they dive in deep to give their thoughts on mental health.  The use of prescription medicine that is used in America to cope with mental health and the damage they do!


[02:01] What has been going on

[05:10] The Great Resignation article

[10:38] Mental health quotes

[13:11] Book suggestions related to mental health

[17:24] What does mental health mean?

[21:39] Biological depression statistics

[26:04] Some of the best mental health practices

[30:14] The power of meditation

[34:04] Finding someone to talk to

[37:31] Personal benefits of getting your mental health status right

[42:13] Only fans inquiry

Powerful Quotes

  • You have to do the work. No one is going to do it for you. No one is going to deal with your childhood shit. No one is going to fix your unhealthy relational patterns. No one is going to heal you from the outside. You must do it from the inside–Conor Beaton.
  • Golf is a game of inches. The most important is the six inches between your ears–Arnold Palmer.
  • Anyone can have PTSD. It’s not only for war veterans but that’s where it’s most commonly associated. For me, I just think it’s all about taking care of yourself.
  • Mental health is a state of well-being in which the individual realizes his or her own abilities can cope with the normal stressors of life, can work productively and fruitfully, and is able to make contributions to his or her community.
  • People love to talk about their problems because it makes them feel like they understand something at a very deep level without actually having to take any accountability for them–Jason Selk.
  •  Most medicines will cover up a problem, so you can’t really see it at the time. So I really believe focussing on your mental health can fix a lot of the issues.
  • I’m not saying anybody to stop taking medicine, but I would say if there’s an opportunity for you to fix it yourself, I would try that.
  • There’s a ton of mental, not just the physical benefits of exercise. No matter what it is. Even little things like getting out for a walk can drastically improve your mood.
  • No matter how shitty or stressful things are, the only thing we can control is what we’re going through right now at this moment.

Mentioned Resources

The Great Resignationarticle

Relentless Solution Focus book by Jason Selk

10% Happier book by Dan Harris

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In this episode, we talk Mentality For Scaling Your Business With Josh Sample!, the founder, and Operating Partner at Drive Social Media. Josh is also a contributor to Forbes Agency Council, a public speaker, and a writer.

Mentality For Scaling Your Business With Josh Sample!

Tune in to listen to Josh’s journey, where it all started, the mentality that kept him moving forward and fast to making his first million, scaling his business, and the secrets behind his success story. 

Mentality For Scaling Your Business With Josh Sample

In this episode, we talk to Josh Sample, the founder, and Operating Partner at Drive Social Media. Josh is also a contributor to Forbes Agency Council, a public speaker, and a writer.


[01:33] Josh Sample’s background story

[09:37] How to scale your business

[13:05] Making the first million

[14:43] “Not satisfied mentality”

[15:15] Josh’s work ethic

[23:26] Where Josh has grown the most as a person

[26:26] Biggest pivots experienced

[29:45] The legacy Josh Sample wants to leave behind

[30:43] Recruiting challenges

[35:02] Work from home idea

[40:20] Developing good leadership culture in an organization

[43:23] Only fans inquiry

Powerful Quotes

  • When I was young, I realized that you had to work to make money. And if you didn’t work, you didn’t have any money.
  • I have always had the ideology of throwing as much money as you can strategically and smartly. But do whatever you can to move faster.
  • The point when I thought that I was going to make my first million was the day I saw a  million.
  • I was always so fearful of losing it all. I protected it over and over again.
  • You can always turn a loser into a winner. But winners will always be winners.
  • You have to put as much energy into the people that are just like you in the organization, as you do to the people who aren’t like you at all.
  • Everybody hits a rough patch in their career. Everybody has ups and downs.
  • I just think that if you do good for other people, stupid as it sounds, Karma is a bitch.
  • The only way you could beat Facebook is if you figure out a way that they can’t rip you off.


Connect with Josh Sample





Drive Social Media:

Marketing Milk:

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We hope you enjoyed Mentality For Scaling Your Business With Josh Sample!

In today’s episode, we speak to Connor Beaton, the founder of Man Talks. Man Talks is an organization that is focused on men’s health and success. Helping Men Find Their Purpose And Confidence With Connor Beaton! Connor is also an international speaker, a podcast host, and an event leader who pushes men to dig deep for their purpose and for confidence. He’s also appeared at TEDx multiple stages.

Tune in and listen to our guest share about finding inspiration after hitting your rock bottom, his own experience and how he got out of it, how you can leverage uncertainty, and more from his upcoming book.

Helping Men Find Their Purpose And Confidence With Connor Beaton

In today’s episode, we speak to Connor Beaton, the founder of Man Talks. Man Talks is an organization that is focused on men’s health and success. Connor is also an international speaker, a podcast host, and an event leader who pushes men to dig deep for their purpose and for confidence.

Connor Beaton on the Brofessional Development Podcast. Helping Men find their purpose and confidence!


[00:45] About Connor Beaton

[01:29] ‘The first rule of men’

[05:19] Has Connor’s views on ‘the first rule of men’ changed after becoming a father?

[09:10] What men generally hide

[14:58] Connors tears and the turning point

[20:08] Finding inspiration out of your rock bottom

[22:43] Advice for the desperate people out there

[26:44] “Sex for validation”

[31:40] Thoughts on fraternity initiation

[34:36] The purpose of initiation

[37:58] How to leverage uncertainty

[40:43] The biggest lesson about uncertainty

[42:04] Connor’s upcoming book: what to look forward to

[43:25] Only fans inquiry

Powerful Quotes

  • A man’s work begins in pain. It begins in us being able to look at our lives in a very real way and say, why am I suffering?
  • I’m very grateful for having put in the work to be the man that I am today to give my son the best chance possible in a world that is admittedly radically chaotic.
  • Some men feel like frogs because they’re not owning who they are or what they’re actually doing in their life.
  • The biggest moment for me was deciding that lying, hiding, and being untruthful in any way was a damaging impact on my life.
  • If you can find somebody that can help you get into that shame and grief before you hit the rock bottom, you can circumvent your situation.
  • The inspiration comes from giving yourself the permission to experience the things that you don’t want to experience, talk about things you’ve been avoiding, and own the things you’ve been running from.
  • For a lot of men, it’s easier to get validation from women than it is for them to go on a journey.
  • The purpose of initiation of putting you in contact with death is so that you could come back to culture, community, and your family, and be more effective as a man.
  • Uncertainty is the force of change. When you don’t know what’s going to happen, then what you’re left with is faith.

Connect with Connor

Connor Beaton Website:




Man Talks Website:

Mentioned Book

The Wisdom Of Insecurity— Alan Watts

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Andy Frisella of 75Hard and the RealAF Podcast!

Andy Frisella talks about 75Hard, Discipline, and Creating a Culture

Andy Frisella Talks 75Hard, Discipline, and Creating a Culture!

This week the gang hangs out with the Andy Frisella. Andy Frisella is an entrepreneur, bestselling author, consultant, and public speaker. He has been featured in Inc., Entrepreneur & Forbes Magazine. From 2015-2019 he hosted The MFCEO Project, and currently hosts REAL AF with Andy Frisella.

This week the gang hangs out with the Andy Frisella.

Andy Frisella is an entrepreneur, bestselling author, consultant, and public speaker.

He has been featured in Inc., Entrepreneur & Forbes Magazine. From 2015-2019 he hosted The MFCEO Project, and currently hosts REAL AF with Andy Frisella.

Listen along as we discuss the power of self-education and carving your own path and why getting stabbed was the best thing that ever happened to Andy.

Bobby talks about his struggles in the last year and how Andy’s 75 Hard helped him regain control of his life. Andy takes his example and builds upon it by laying out his three keys to happiness.

Your customers and clients are your lifeblood; they are what gives you purpose. Andy lays out why and how to shift your focus from your wallet to truly making a difference in people’s lives.

Andy also helps to build on last week’s episode in discussing why no single individual has to settle for being average. The tools provided in in the modern age such as Google, social media, podcasts, and content creators such as Andy himself lay a solid foundation for success.

We get into the proverbial “No Man’s Land” and how to navigate the negativity thrown at you by the people around you. As you outgrow a group in the search for self-improvement, loneliness is a new challenge until you can successfully surround yourself with like-minded driven individuals.

Finally, we grill Andy with some questions from the fans and he explains how he successfully bought his dream house with help from a meme.

Powerful quotes

Being successful is not the grades you get in school.

Make your scars your strengths.

Learn to take your hardships and turn them into foundations to build yourself upon.

I’m happy to lose because it taught me something.

… absorb that negativity and put it out into productive action.

 Key Highlights

[00:15] Introducing Andy Frisella.

[02:12] How Andy got started on his professional development journey.

[05:01] Being successful in America.

[10:43] Getting stabbed is the greatest thing that ever happened to me.

[16:05} 75 Hard

[22:30] Discipline, purpose, and gratitude.

[29:45] Shifting to a customer focused mindset.

[31:00] What is your legacy, Andy Frisella?

[36:12] You don’t have to be average.

[40:54] Do something that will move you toward where you want to go.

[45:38] No Man’s Land

[52:33] Golf is not a workout.

[56:45} Onlyfans inquiries.

[1:03:50] How to buy a house with memes.

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That which you don’t hate, you’ll eventually tolerate.

Jordan Harbinger – Education, Partnerships, and Fake Taxis!

Discipline Moves the Needle



This week the guys are fortunate to deliver you a Ryan Michler Interview!

Ryan Michler is a husband, father, Iraqi Combat Veteran, and the Founder of Order of Man. Ryan grew up without a permanent father figure and has seen first-hand how a lack of strong, ambitious, self-sufficient men has impacted society today. He believes many of the world’s most complicated problems could be solved if men everywhere learned how to be better husbands, fathers, businessmen, and community leaders. It has now become his life’s mission to help men across the planet step more fully into their roles as protectors, providers, and presiders over themselves, their families, their businesses, and their communities. You can find him blogging and podcasting at Order of Man where he is working to help men become all they were meant to be.

Colin, Brad and Matt get into some deep conversation about what it takes to become the man you were meant to be.

We dive into how to audit your habits and your circle, Ryan’s decision to homeschool his children, why playing the victim is so easy, along with some never before heard personal stories of their own masculinity.

The guys also touch on some sensitive subjects in todays society and how we can try and reverse the actions that are currently playing out!

 You are definitely not going to miss this one and if you don’t already know Ryan, you’ll want to give him a follow on every platform.

Ryan Michler joins Brofessional Development

This week the guys have on Ryan Michler. Founder of Order of Man, Host of Order of Man Podcast, and author of the book Sovereignty. Colin, Brad and Matt get into some deep conversation about what it takes to become the man you were meant to be.

Listen to Ryan Michler with the guys from Brofessional Development

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Are you spending to much time Planning for 2021?

With 2021 less than a week away, it’s safe to say most people are fucking PUMPED to leave 2020 in the rear-view mirror. Between The Rona, the job market, no sports, no social gatherings, no seeing grandparents, etc. who wouldn’t be excited about a year where things can only go up? That said, this is the time most start to plan out their goals in hopes of big changes to come. While planning is definitely important and can save you a ton of time and energy, one of the biggest things I’ve learned is that a lot of people (myself included) can take too much time planning and not enough time doing.

Planning can be fun for people. It’s where you start to paint the picture of your vision. It’s where you look at where your life is, where you want it to go, and you get to fill in the gaps that will help you get there. But too many people fall into this perpetual cycle of planning, where they plan, review the plan, restructure the plan when the find holes, and then audit again to find holes, and round and round they go while they neglect the single most important step that will get them to their goals – ACTION. I’ve been there!

Unfortunately, a lot of this has to do with what formal education teaches us. We’re looking for that “A+ Plan” so that if my plan is perfect, I can avoid any discomfort or embarrassment. News Flash: As soon as you start to implement your plan it’s going to get punched in the fucking mouth no matter what line of work you are in. 

Planning versus Action

This weeks topic is Planning vs Action and the importance of the two.  We discuss what percentage we feel should be put towards both in order to succeed toward your goals.  We talk in depth about paralysis by analysis and the Pareto Principal as they go hand in hand with this topic.

Listen to our Podcast on Planning vs Action HERE

So what do I need to know about planning? How much time do I spend on planning? How do I effectively plan? We’ve got you covered. Here are 3 questions to ask yourself before you get started with planning: 

  1. What have I done and how did it go? 
    1. We call this Retrospective Planning. The most significant leaps you will take in your planning come through auditing what you’ve done and figuring out what you can do better.  

  2. What’s my ONE Thing? 
  1. If you haven’t read The One Thing by Gary Keller, we suggest you do so immediately. In his book he has you ask yourself a very simple, yet profound question before you get your day/week/month/year started – “What’s the one thing I can do, such that by doing it everything else is easier or unnecessary?”
  2. This is THE most effective way to prioritize. Once you figure out your ONE Thing add it to the beginning of your plan, then ask the question again until your schedule is full. 

  3. How much time am I spending planning?
  4. We like to go with a 90:10 ratio. No more than 10% of your time should be spent planning. Here’s a template you can used based on a 40-hour work week.

                                                              i.      1 Hour every Sunday to plan your week ahead

                                                             ii.      15 minutes M-F before you start your day

                                                           iii.      15 minutes M-F before you end your day for Auditing (Retrospective Planning)

                                                           iv.      That’s a total of 3.5 hours per week. Save that extra 30-minutes each week to use at the end of each month where you’ll spend an 1-2 hours auditing your past month and planning the upcoming month 

One of the biggest lies we’re told growing up is that “Knowledge is power”, which is bullshit. Knowledge is completely useless without ACTION. APPLIED KNOWLEDGE is where the real power is. Yes, planning is important and it will help get us to where we want to go faster, but at the end of the day, if you’re spending all of your time on the sidelines measuring the track, analyzing the turf, and trying to predict the weather, you’re never going to get into the race.

Written by Matt Kresko!

Our mission is to curate information from the top influencers around the world. We provide you with real, actionable steps on how to improve in any and every area of your life, whether your an entrepreneur, C-Suite Executive, or just starting your journey of Self-Development. Brofessional Development is all about growth, and you know if you’re not growing, you’re dying. Goal Setting for 2021!

Goal Setting

Our mission is to curate information from the top influencers around the world. We provide you with real, actionable steps on how to improve in any and every area of your life, whether your an entrepreneur, C-Suite Executive, or just starting your journey of Self-Development.

This team has just returned from Colorado where they spent 4 days setting goals for the Brofessional Development Brand along with every members personal goals for 2021. It was only fitting to tackle a podcast on setting goals. In the process of goal setting the team has laid out plans for the podcast. Which should benefit you the listener. With structure added along with new weekly segments we are proud to bring you what is the rebirth of our podcast!

This week the guys start off with a segment from Bobby that is one of our newest segments, “Influencer of the Week.” Highlighted this week is Case Kenny with the New Mindset, Who Dis? podcast. In 5 minutes Bobby gives us all the hot and important details to showcase another influencer in our field trying to help others!

From there the team breaks down some goal setting quotes! These arefrom some of the greats in the world of business and self development. Which segways us in perfectly to talking about goal setting. Why it is important to set goals? To have a purpose behind them! Then how to take action to achieve them!

We call this GPA:

  • Goals
  • Purpose
  • Action

What is also discussed our goals that have not been met during the 2020 year. We discuss that if meeting your goals was easy, how much of a goal would they really be. Everyone is trying to be in that 1% club and the bigger and harder to achieve your goals are, the more success you will see in the future!

To finish off the episode Brad comes in long and hard to showcase our debut of the “Just the Tip” segment. Every week we will end the episode with a new life hack to help you improve! Be sure not to miss each week as the guys are sure to provide you their quality TIPS!

As usual please send us an email for any comments or topics you would like to hear us discuss!