Favorite quotes of all time

We love starting off with a quote in every episode, and we’ll share which quotes have been our favorite. One of our favorite quotes thus far is “If you can dream it, you can do it.” by Walt Disney. Similar to this quote we’ve also liked “Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve.” by Napoleon Hill. These quotes in particular helps motivate a lot of people achieve things they want in life. For example, if you go to the ocean and you see rich people with yachts, you’ll be that guy that says “If that guy can have a yacht, then I can have a yacht.” Here are some more quotes we love and it is “You’re the average of five people you associate yourself with.” and “If you’re not growing, you’re dying.”

Brofessional Development Podcast

This next quote is “A person does not decide their future, a person decides their habits and their habits decide their future.” by FM Alexander. This quote in particular resonated with Bob. Bob was fat, alcoholic, and a drug lover. But changing his habits such as saving money every day or putting consistent effort on his diet and work, changed the way his future is unfolding.

Favorite quotes from our guests

Jason Selk gave us three quotes which were, “Self-image is determined by how we talk to ourselves about ourselves”, “Most people’s self-image is far below where it should be”, and “Most people are talking to themselves about themselves negatively.” These quotes have had an impact in how we view ourselves, and we often stopped talking negatively when we make mistakes in sports. We played differently, if not better, because of those quotes that stuck with us.

Favorite moments in Brofessional Development Podcast

Our favorite moments when having guests such as Andy Frisella, Bedros, and Jason Selk, were they looked as differently after the episode. At the beginning, we could tell that each person would think of the podcast as another boring interview. However, after the episode is done, they would genuinely look at us and say that we did a really good job. We think their thoughts have been rewarding and made us feel really good and that our time is worth something.

Another moment was in the Colorado trip where it has been a personal professional development experience. With all the masterminds that we’ve done and seeing that if not for us, making these and having conversations with people, then we they wouldn’t have made a move in their life. Tommy Holmes was in our last mastermind and his goal was to get more clients. Everybody suggested royalties and there was this whole debate about it. Three weeks later, we received a text that he signed a new deal that they were going to try it and offer some type of royalties for each sale of the course they’re doing. With that he found success and was thankful, and for us it was also rewarding.

The podcast gave us more awareness to what we do. When we started a book club, nobody showed up for that event. Over time, we started the podcast and all of a sudden there are 25 to 40 people signing up for the events. That’s very rewarding for us because the people are putting themselves in a vulnerable position in front of people they don’t know. However, they know that everyone is like minded and they are somehow going to help them and see better results.

Business & Entrepreneurship

We are excited to be on our 100th episode of our Brofessional Development Podcast and giving our audience quality content that helps with personal development and business growth. We’ll share our experience covering the podcast’s peaks, valleys, highs, and lows of the Brofessional Development Podcast.

Worst moments since we started the podcast

There are times where we would have disagreements and that was some of the worst moments. This is because when starting the podcast, not all of us have the same mindset to make it work. Some of us were disengaged while others would put a lot of effort to make the podcast have value. Although we had some of these challenges, it improved our friendship and helped each other level up with our personal development.

What we’re looking forward to in the next 100 episodes

The next 100 episodes, the focus for some of us would be the masterminds because those gets more value to grow our business. If we can scale off our masterminds, then we can get to help more people grow and connect. For the podcast, we look forward to having more guests to inspire our audience to grow their business as well as their personal development.

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Definition of Financial Freedom

Financial Freedom

Financial freedom is being able to do the things you want to do without having to worry about money. It can also mean having enough assets to make your money work for you. This is so you have the ability to work zero hours and still make money. You can also have financial freedom when you have all your assets combined, and pay for all your expenses and lifestyle. For example, if you own real estate assets, those assets should be able to cover your expenses in paying your bills and lifestyle. If you’re able to earn more money from your assets while covering your expenses, then that results in cash flow which will allow you to be financially free.

How to ensure you’re meeting your financial goals

When planning to meet your financial goals, you may need to think about your lifestyle. If your lifestyle includes going out every weekend, then this equates to additional expenses. Eventually, these expenses can add up and may make it difficult for you to reach your financial goals. Creating a system to monitor your expenses and how much you earn from your job or through assets is important. If you have a good system, then you can still maintain your lifestyle without having to worry too much about your finances.

financial goal

Another system you can try to implement is to set aside $10 per day which will allow you to have $3650 each year. This budget can go to your savings and may help you reach your financial goals whether it’s to invest the money or buy assets.

Budgeting can be difficult and can be tedious for many people. There are two schools of thought whenever you look at budgeting. One is the Dave Ramsey approach which is to live off beans and rice and track every cent. This approach can be done for those struggling with debt and may help you be debt-free over time.

The other approach is from a book by Ramit Sethi called I Will Teach You To Be Rich, where you’ll find the conscious spending plan. This puts your income into four categories which are fixed cost, investments, saving goals, and guilt-free spending. He says you can be rich by just saving 10% of your income every month. Ideally, you can save 20% or even more, but there will be a 20% guilt-free spending piece. You don’t need to track everything you do down to the last cent, but cut down the things you don’t care about. Find out what you don’t care about and things you do spend on, and then cut back based on that. Always remember to pay yourself first and this comes from almost every financial expert.

When should you focus on paying debt ASAP vs. minimum payment?

paying debt ASAP vs. minimum payment

There are two kinds of debt, the good and the bad. Good debt is when you use debt to purchase things you can make a profit on in the future, assets such as real estate. Bad debt is when you use the money to purchase liabilities such as clothing, cars, and anything that depreciates. There’s no need to rush paying off debt when you’re leveraging off it, then that debt is working for you and you’ll be able to focus on other debt.

The Path to Financial Freedom

This week we talk about financial freedom and things you can consider to get you to that point where money won’t be an issue and you can perform your lifestyle without having to worry about it. Everyone is working to get to financial freedom and it’s important to understand how you can get there if this is one of your goals in life.

Difference between an asset and a liability

An asset provides an economic benefit while a liability takes money out of your pocket. There are essentially assets and liabilities in everything that you do. In a relationship, it can answer questions like how much can this person take away from me or if the person adding to me and building me up. When you look at asset and liability from a sports perspective, someone who’s an asset to the organization can make great plays and help the team win. Someone who is a liability in sports can be a person who gets a big contract in an organization but often gets injured.

assets and liabilities

Should you invest in cash flow or capital gain

If you’re investing for capital gains, then you’re not necessarily going to have a lot of them. Whereas cash flow, it’s easier to get into it but will help you get capital gains in the future. Basically, capital gains are just the profit of a real estate or some type of investment you have. You purchase real estate and then renovate it to get more money upfront. The cash flow in real estate, is where you buy the property, fix it, and then rent it out. Your cash flow is everything you gain after you deduct expenses from the real estate such as maintenance and all the expenses of the house. Capital gains can be a gamble because you are buying a place just to hope it goes up in appreciation and sell it in the future. You won’t know if the property will go up or down.

The idea of cash flow is you use other people’s money and take home excess cash flow. The bonus is down the road and it’s a long-term investment. The goal behind building up your cash flow is to get to a point where your cash flow exceeds your salary or the money you’re making from your day job. When you have that steady cash flow, then you can consider capital gains because eventually, you’ll sell that.

The story of Jillian Tedesco’s company

Jillian grew up to be an athlete which made her decide to start in the fitness industry when she was 22 years old. She was a personal trainer, had her own training studio, and continued to work for a decade. The first mistake that she did getting into the business was starting the business with someone she didn’t know. 3 years running the business, she did not have equity, wasn’t able to profit, and had a fall out with her partner. On Jillian’s 25th birthday, she walked out on the business.

jillian tedesco

Jillian’s Passion

She had a passion for fitness but somehow she wasn’t able to the purpose or have a clear answer to why she is doing it. She found her real passion which is nutrition with the help of God in her time of struggling with trying to grow her business. Jillian loves to cook. She is a creative person and with cooking, she was able to express her creativity. She always wanted to go back to school but chose to continue her personal trainer business. The opportunity did present itself and she went back to school and got her culinary degree.

Jillian then started cooking for her clients because they didn’t eat well. When she started her fitness business, she knew her goal wasn’t to make money. Her goal was to solve problems, she wanted to help people and she was passionate about it. That became a driver for today where she uses her culinary excellence and put it with nutrition science to create the flavors. She pretty much became a personal chef for her clients which lasted for 3 and a half years. She opens up a brick and mortar and the business took off. In three years, she was able to open three stores and have a multimillion-dollar company with around 45 employees.

The company at one point did start to fail, they weren’t making the money. Jillian had lost track of what was important and eventually had to borrow money to continue her payroll. She knew that she was still on the right path, doing what she is passionate about. She figured out that she just needed to grow and innovate. She decided to go to Las Vegas to a package Expo, but she knew that they have to look for machines that package and label their meals. After 2 years, she was able to return and purchase 2 machines to implement in her production.

Jillian’s Faith encouraged her to continue

There were new challenges where she needed to restructure her entire company. The problem with this step is that people will get fired and there are workplace relationships that can hurt others. She needed to keep people that were there to help elevate her business and keep everyone on the same boat moving forward. Your employee culture is important because if you can’t handle it, then there will be changes that you can’t get back.

Working 6 more years without getting paid can make you feel less motivated to continue the business. For Jillian, her husband helped her by encouraging her to keep pushing forward and not be greedy. She went back to her faith because the Bible offers her a new perspective and what they’re battling that she can relate to. She knew that the times were changing and had to build an e-commerce.

How did Jillian innovate her business to success?

In 2017, they decided to rebuild their website and integrated Shopify with their website so they can build an online store. As the years continued with implementation, their online store started to grow at a steady pace. At the beginning of 2020 when the pandemic hit, everybody was shopping online. Everybody was looking for healthy food and at this moment, Jillian’s business was ready for this new change. She found her business in the right spot at the right time because they had innovated at the right time. Her business doubled during the pandemic and had to continue to adapt to keep up with production. Technology also helped her because meals that were fresh for 5 days would now be fresh for 10 days because of the machines.

Other Challenges the company faced

With the business you can never foresee the future, you can only try to work and continue making changes. Now, Jillian is working on her brand and has 5 locations in St. Louis. Her company is starting to build its reputation and she wants to be known for something. So when people think about fit flavors she wants people to think about the food that can help them get a healthy lifestyle. For this reason, they’re currently developing an app that is designed to direct people to where they want to go for nutritional needs and have their dietary restrictions followed. Anything related to health and diet, Fit flavors is the resource for healthy eating. When you’re building a culture in your company and you have people working for you. If they don’t feel like they belong to something that matters, they’re just not going to care like you are.

Pursue innovation and embrace change for growth. We would like to thank Jillian Tedesco for sharing her inspiring business story with us today. If you would like to know more about Jillian Tedesco, visit fit flavors.

What it means to create a vision?

Having a vision for your business is similar to your life goals. For some, their vision is to get abs they’ve been working out for, while others is to see themselves looking at their account and say, “someday this amount is going to be millions.” Having a vision for your business is similar, it’s just about figuring out what you want, then chunking that into smaller pieces to create small goals that help you get to your vision.

Why is setting a vision important?

Vision is also about clarity, you need to have a clear idea of where you want to go before you attempt to push your business to achieve that success. A business strategy is also a good thing to have, but in won’t help you achieve anything if you don’t have an actual idea of where you want your business to be. If you’re a small business owner or entrepreneur, you won’t be able to accomplish something until you have a clear picture of what your vision is.

You can’t only focus on the revenue your company will be gaining, but you also should try to see what role you’re going to play in the company you’re trying to build. Think about what strengths you have and why you enjoyed doing it in order to move forward with your plans. Set a vision that you want your business to be in the future because it’s your strength, it’s what you love to do, and enjoy your way to achieve great success.

What can you do to develop your own vision?

Here are questions you can answer by Andy Andrews:

  1. What do you really want to experience in your life?
  2. What are the most important things you would like to happen in your life before you die?
  3. Who do you want to become and what would you live for?

You may find that an answer that will revolve around your mind is freedom. You want to be able to do something that you enjoy doing and when you want to do them. Yes, you’ll need money or passive income to acquire freedom, but this is a type of vision you can put your mind to have in the future. This can be a reason why you’re pushing your business to be successful among other factors such as providing for your family or living a financially stable life.

Reticular Activating System (RAS)

Reticular activating system is network of nerves in our brainstem that filters out unnecessary information. This is so that only the important information gets through. This placed the science behind law of attraction.

Reticular Activating System

For example, you’ve been doing on research on something you’re interested in learning, eventually, you’ll see more information on that topic as you go along. When you put your daily intention and focus on something no matter what is, you’ll be able to find it. Unless you put your attention to real estate or your business, information that may help you build on it, then you’ll never notice those billboards, commercials, or advertisements about it.

RAS allows you to filter out information that will not have an impact in your goals or your interests. The more you put your mind towards your goals and vision, the more likely you’ll be able to see the answers that are presented in front of you.

How to Create a Compelling Vision

Vision casting allows you to set your business on course to succeed. The vision is a clear idea that shows where you want your business to be. Visions allow you to continue achieving goal after goal in your business.

What we’re doing for our vision?

Entrepreneurial operating system (EOS) is a popular way of how to run a business. A book called Traction talks about how you can use EOS and implement that in your business and make it a reality.

A big part of the book is about its visions, how to create a compelling one, and with successful visions you will more likely be successful in your business. We’re using this book to get a better view of how to create our own vision. These guidelines will define the culture you want, what’s your core focus, and the reason for being in your niche. There’s a 10 year target you must set for your business, and each year focus on creating quarterly milestones to measure your progress and reassess where you are.

In this episode, we dive deep into what’s trending in business and entertainment.  From Drake’s versus Ceddy Bodwen roast on the internet, Drake getting revenge by sliding into his Wife’s DM, the Roe versus Wade debate on abortion rights, and the impact of the Fed announcing interest rate hikes by 50 points basis with the high inflation rate and GDP numbers being 1% on the negative.

Roe vs Wade, Fed Raises Rates, and BMI affecting Sexual Perfomance!

In this episode, we dive deep into what’s trending in business and entertainment.  From Drake’s getting revenge on an internet troll by sliding into his Wife’s DM, the Roe versus Wade deal, and the impact of the Fed announcing interest rate hikes with the high inflation rate and GDP numbers being 1% on the negative.

Besides, we look at Dave Chappelle’s attack on stage with a knife and how your BMI  and other factors might influence your sexual performance.

 Drake’s troll on Twitter

Somebody posted about standing up for dads that get mouthy and basketball games. Drake said, ‘it’s like a rite of passage, OG’s talk. I know I might be this way, even if my son is in a Rubix cube competition.”

Ceddy Bowden replied, “I bet your son plays with ghost riders.” In revenge, Drake replied, “I just followed your girl because she is probably miserable and needs some excitement in her life.”

The Roe versus Wade deal

What’s Trending in Business and Entertainment
What’s Trending in Business and Entertainment

There was a leaked document that the supreme court will look at the case. However, it was an interesting time when the document leaked just toward the midterms and aimed to divide the country further.

More conservative states will probably ban it, and more liberal states will allow it. This last happened in 1973, and 50 years later, the issue is being revisited.

If they tighten up women’s ability to get abortions, there’s a need for male accountability since there’s a huge problem with fatherless children.

“The US Department of Justice shows children from fatherless homes account for 90% of all homeless and runaway children.”

However, there have to be some exceptions, such as rape cases or any serious medical condition affecting the mother and child.

Fed announcing interest rate hikes

It announced a hike by 50 basis points. With everything going on with inflation, the Fed is trying to curb the interest rates and bring inflation down.

 The GDP numbers are 1% in the negative. So, if there are two quarters in a row where the GDP is down, it means we are officially in a recession. The Fed is in a weird place right now, and they need to balance the interest rates, inflation, and the dropping GDP.

In real estate, the housing process has gone up by 30% over the last two years, and doing this, will bring interest rates down. A high mortgage rate equals high borrowing costs for buying a house. So, less people will buy, making the prices go down.

“Low-interest rates shoot up, and the pricing of houses and higher interest rates shoot down.”

 Dave Chappelle getting tackled on stage.

Dave Chappelle got tackled on stage when somebody tried to spear him. Busta Rhymes and Jamie Foxxx beat up the dude, and he ended up with broken wrists and a dislocated elbow.

BMI and Sexual Perfomance

“Researchers in Turkey did a year-long study on BMI and sexual performance. So what it says is men with a higher BMI last, on average, 7.3 minutes. But men who are leaner hardly make it to 108 seconds.”

However, the are other contributing factors such as:

  • Blood circulation: If your body fat is super high and will pump so much to keep your vital organs, it doesn’t give much attention to your dick.
  • Working out
  • Foreplay
  • Age


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What better way to learn Customer Service with Expert Shep Hyken! Great customer service keeps your customers coming back and increases your referrals. It is one of the best strategies to increase your revenue and gain a competitive advantage.

Customer Service Expert Shep Hyken!

Improving customer service is a vital part of growing any business. After all, the lifeblood of any company is repeat customers. As many as 70 percent of customers say they’ll spend more with companies that provide excellent customer service. In a market where it’s easier than ever for customers to take their money elsewhere, how can you improve your customer service?

What are some tricks in customer service? How can you succeed in excellent customer service? Besides, what’s your role as a leader in implementing customer service?

This article expounds more on some strategies you need to succeed in your business and keep your customers coming back. If you are wondering how to handle that unhappy customer who keeps complaining, this is for you!

Tricks in Customer Service

  • ●Process Improvement
  • ●Listening to the customer
  • ●Getting Feedback from customers
  • ●Acting on that feedback

Why most organizations fail customer service

Some organizations aim to invest in customer service, but they end up failing. Where do these companies go wrong? Such companies tend to invest in customer service based on the competitors rather than their customer’s wants.

You can’t just say, let’s give great customer service. There are certain angles you need to hit:

  • ●Have it in your culture

“Customer service is not a department, it’s part of the culture. It is the philosophy of the company.”

  • ●Proper Training

Training is not one time. You can’t just watch the course once. You have to go through it over and over again.

“Training is not something you did, it is something you do. It is ongoing.”

  • ●Who to train

Instead of creating the culture and training people properly, most organizations think they only need to train front-line workers. However, it’s never the case. You have to recognize that you have internal customers, the people you work with. If you do not treat your internal customers the right way, you do not expect these people to go and do a perfect job for the outside customer.

Role of Internal customers in Customer Service

Whenever a customer comes into contact with any aspect of the business, they form an impression. Therefore, no matter how big or small the company is, every person in your company has some impact on the customer’s experience.

Always ensure that you have good customer service. Are your employees working for a paycheck or the company? Do you pay them what they are worth? Ensure you create an environment that is fulfilling for your employees.

“If you take care of people on the inside, they are going to take care of people on the outside.”

Customer Service Solutions

Teach your customers to use customer service resources such as customer relationship software.  Using this software enables them to resolve issues on their own within a short time.

“It is impossible to wow someone everytime they call. I’m calling to enquire my bank balance. Wow that’s amazing. It doesn’t happen.”

Although you cannot always wow a customer, you can amaze them all the time by ensuring every interaction they have is slightly better than average.

The unhappy customer versus the happy customer

If you get someone that complains and always has an issue, it is an opportunity to learn from that. How do you get to eliminate, mitigate, or train people to respond, so it does not happen again?

For both the happy and unhappy customer, you need to ask the reason behind it. If it is bad, what can you do about it and prevent it? If it is good, how do you operationalize it?

The role of leaders in great customer service

In a customer-focus culture, leaders have to demonstrate what they want everyone else to do.

“Wear it on your sleeve and have it in your heart. Walk the talk.”

As a leader, always stoop to excellence. Be willing to stoop to whatever level to ensure an excellent experience.

Communicating with your Clients

Good customer service involves communication with your clients. You can do this via personalized handwritten thank you notes, texts, emails, or videos. It does matter whether it is digital or handwritten. Just personalize it and do it right!

Hope you enjoyed our episode with Customer Service Expert Shep Hyken!


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Registration is open for our next St Louis Mastermind Event. If you are growth minded and focused on getting better (personally, professionally, mentally, emotionally, physically, financially, etc.) then you do not want to miss this.

Last event was PACKED and we have booked a larger space downtown to accommodate the masses! If you are coming here to sell your services and hand out your business card then this is not the place for you! We are about building strong relationships and helping your fellow person get better.

“If you’re not growing, you’re dying…”


St. Louis Mastermind Event

If you have any questions about our St. Louis Mastermind Event please contact us, we would be happy to help you out!

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A lot of people look forward to starting their own businesses and having their dollar work for them so here are some Businesses to Start in 2022!. Some are already in business, but they would go for new ideas if they would only go back in time. What are some of the interesting business ideas entrepreneurs can go for?

In this episode, we get to share our current businesses, and if we were to start over, could we still pick a different business or stick to the same business? Besides, based on our experience, what can we do differently now?

If you are looking for some interesting business ideas and books to guide you through it, this is for you!


Finding your niche as an entrepreneur can be challenging. You might already have an established business, but you could do things differently looking back. You probably have new ideas or are looking for interesting ideas to get that dollar to work for you.

Tune in to this episode and listen to some powerful insights about business, favorite books on business, and what we would do differently if we were to start over again. Besides, what interesting business ideas would we go for. Find out more on this episode!

In this episode

Businesses to Start in 2022!

Business Ideas Finding your niche as an entrepreneur can be challenging. You might already have an established business, but you could do things differently looking back. You probably have new ideas or are looking for interesting ideas to get that dollar to work for you.

[00:30] What’s trending

[05:32] About NFT’s and Crypto

[09:13] Palatin stocks

[11:34] Quotes on businesses

[13:22] Recap on our mastermind group event

[24:59] Favorite books about owning businesses

[30:46] Inflation – how it is affecting businesses and pay raises

[35:01] If we were to start over again, what businesses sound interesting, and what would we do differently?

Powerful Quotes

  • Influencers can do more for a company than a sports athlete can right now. They can make a thirty seconds TikTok right now and sell it for 250 grand for it.
  • You have to build a business around your business brand
  • It’s always easier to slow someone down than speed them up.
  • A player wants A players around, B players want C players around so they can look like the shining star.
  • In order to stay in business, you have to keep up with market trends. You have to be ahead of the market trends.
  • If you can’t do something for five days in a row, why do you expect to have a reward?
  • Daily consistent efforts eventually will compound and pay off.
  • There is a lot of money in anything service-based.

Quotes on business

  • In the business world, everyone is paid in two coins, cash, and experience. Take the experience first, and cash will come later.

For people who are a little further in their career, maybe you are in college or just graduated, you can intern somewhere for a free or stipend. Pick someone’s brain and learn more about whatever you want to become good at. Once you gain the experience, money will follow later.

  • Formal education will make you a living. Self-education will make you a fortune.

Starting a business is the start of true self-education. You are learning every day, it’s a rollercoaster with ups and downs, and you have to be ahead of all the market trends.

  • Success seems to be connected with action. Successful people keep moving, they make mistakes, but they do not quit.

The compounding effect

If you want to start a business, put one hour or day into the course, and it will eventually compound over time. If you can’t do something for five days in a row, why would you expect to have a reward?

“ Daily consistent efforts eventually will compound and pay off.”

Once you put consistent effort while starting your business, it will be super impactful. Attack the process with your efforts. Identify your good habits and do them every single day.

The Built to Sell Book

The Built to Sell book is one of the best books when it comes to starting a business. It expounds on the difference between creating a job for yourself and being an entrepreneur is creating something scalable and saleable. Even if you do not intend to sell the business, put those processes in place so that other people are working in your business and you are working on your business. That is, you are worried about the strategies and scaling. This, in turn, allows you to build multiple streams of income, and you won’t have to rely on one stream.

Inflation, how it is affecting businesses and pay raises

With 6% inflation, the dollar will not get stronger in the next five years. The pandemic forced most businesses to shut down and some people to lose their jobs. Despite the high inflation, most businesses can only manage a 3% pay rise.

Interesting Business Ideas

Property investment

Once you invest in property, you let the dollar work for you instead of putting all the work in yourself, and besides, you get to have more time for yourself.

Service-based Business

Investing in a recession-proof business such as heating and cooling, trash services, and cleaning services is a lucrative idea because people will always need such services.

 “There is a lot of money in anything service-based.”

Businesses that can’t be automated

Investing in businesses that can not be automated, such as recruiting, is also a lucrative idea.

Real Estate

Investing in real estate is lucrative since there will always be a need for people to live, and we are not creating more land.

“90% of millionaires are made from real estate, and there will always be a need for people to live.”

Private Equity

Private Equity is an alternative to public financing to invest in companies or engage in buyouts. You end up making money by charging management and performance fees. Besides, watching start-up companies grow, being a part of them, watching them grow as someone else runs the business makes it a good business idea.


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In this episode, we talk about leadership. We share some insights on the different quotes on leadership, the various books on leadership, the difference between a boss and a leader, what we have learned about leadership over the last year, and the bad boss stories. We also speak about what has been going on with us, the biggest focus as a leader in 2022 and, the best way to establish yourself as a leader within your organization without stepping on your manager’s toes. Tune in to learn more on leadership and other exciting topics!

Leadership! How can you be better!

This week the Bros dive deep into leadership!  With the first episode of the new year the guys wanted to start with a powerful episode!  Leadership can be looked at in several viewpoints.  As business owners they break down what it takes to be a great leader along with examples from some of the biggest influencers in the business and entrepreneurship world! 


[00:36] What has been going on with us

[07:01] Quotes on leadership

[09:26] Books on leadership

[12:55] The difference between a boss and a leader

[19:25] What we have learned about leadership over the last year

[27:09] Bad boss stories

[36:20] The biggest focus as a leader going on in 2022

[39:18] The only fans inquiry

Notable quotes

  • “People may forget what you said or what you did but never forget the way you made them feel.” By Adrian Gostick.
  • “Leaders must be close enough to relate to others but far enough ahead to motivate them.” By John Maxwell.
  • “A lot of people see leadership as a position rather than a responsibility.”
  • “The key to successful leadership is influence, not authority.”
  • “For a business to be successful, there is supposed to be a leader and a boss.”
  • “A boss is an authority. A leader is an influence.”

“People may forget what you said or what you deed but never forget the way you made them feel.” By Adrian Gostick.

Leadership is a quality that every individual and organization must have if they want to achieve their aspirations. A leader is an individual who has many followers. He is a motivator and inspires others to work towards attaining target objectives and goals. As a leader, you have a sympathetic, understanding, and accepting attitude. You can delegate and inspire, motivate, teach and mentor. You appreciate the talents and skills of others and possess many of these yourself. Your knowledge of human nature enables you to anticipate reactions, balance interests, and achieve the desired goal.

To lead, you must first follow. The best way to be a leader is to learn to be a great teammate. If you are looking for tips on how to build a strong relationship with your teammates or how to prove that you can be depended on during tough times, this episode is for you.

Quotes on leadership

Leadership! How you can be a Better Leader!
Leadership! How you can be a Better Leader!

Quotes on leadership are a great way to inspire your team or remind everyone how an effective leader should act. In this episode, we talk about the quote from Adrian Gostick “People may forget what you said or what you did but never forget the way you made them feel.” This quote explains that leaders should create a conducive working environment for juniors. A lot of people see leadership as a position rather than a responsibility.

We also discuss the quote from John Maxwell “Leaders must be close enough to relate to others but far enough ahead to motivate them.” This quote relates mostly to smaller businesses. Leaders need to create a bond with their workers in order to increase productivity.

Books on leadership

Leadership books are designed to help you lead your organization to achieve its goals. While reading a leadership book may sound like an easy thing to do, it is something that should not be done lightly. This type of book is designed to delve into the nature of yourself as a leader and how you can improve on certain qualities of good leadership, such as charisma and vision.

We discuss Extreme Ownership, a book written by Jocko Willick. It tells real-life stories on leadership. We also discuss the episode on strengthening a struggling team in the Craig Groeshel Podcast, talking a lot about the hard conversations you need to have with your team as you are trying to grow an organization. As a leader, you are there to help them be better at the business and help create wealth.

The difference between a boss and a leader

“ For a business to be successful, there is supposed to be a leader and a boss.”

They are a lot of misconceptions about the difference between leaders and bosses. For example, a boss is someone who gives you work to do, while a leader gives you clear direction and purpose. Sometimes this direction might include hard work, but that is what gives meaning to your mission and vision. While a boss has the aura of being in charge, a leader takes responsibility for their group and its outcomes.

A leader is someone who cares about other people’s success, while a boss cares only about the paychecks they collect. However, for any business to be successful, both must be present.

Having regular reflection on every aspect of your life allows you to understand better where you want to go and develop a growth mindset. As we start this new year, reflect and audit your past year. What have you accomplished? How has your circle been? Have you built any long-term networks?

In this episode, we look at some of our reflection points for the past year with our guest Blake. What are some of the most significant changes we made in 2021, and what are our focus areas in 2022? Besides, we discuss how proving doubters wrong turned us into the best version of ourselves. Tune in for more!

Reflecting and Auditing The Past Year

Having regular reflection on every aspect of your life allows you to understand better where you want to go and develop a growth mindset. As we start this new year, you need to reflect and audit your past year. What have you accomplished? How has your circle been?

In this episode

[01:33] Meeting Blake

[05:40] Quote on reflection

[06:00] Our reflection points for the past year

[08:09] About the book The Darkside of the Light Chasers.

[08:24] 2022 Goals

[12:37] Provingdoubters wrong

[18:35] Looking into negative situations

[20:39] Biggest changes we made in 2021

[21:45] Achieving your goals

23:11] Focus areas in 2022

Powerful Quotes:

  • We do not learn from experience. We learn from reflecting on experience.
  • I have all this shit going on, I have all these people bending against me, but I’m gonna come out on top.”
  • The best revenge is success, but more importantly, the best revenge is becoming a better person.
  • Whenever shitty circumstances arise or are out of control in your life, you have two options. Sit down and be like, bitch, and let your life become shittier and just say it’s like you are a victim of circumstances someone else created or just move forward.
  • When you reflect, you can have a better understanding of where you want to go and how you want to build on that.

Quote on reflection

  • We do not learn from experience. We learn from reflecting on experience- Experiences can shape us, but how they shape us is how we take a look at those experiences and decide to act from those experiences.

The Dark Side of The Light Chasers

What is your reflection point? How can you have a better reflection of yourself? The book The Dark Side of The Light Chasers is about self-reflection.

             “You see yourself, but you can lie to yourself.”

As you think of what you want to achieve in 2022, it’s good to ask people what they think about you.  What do they like or hate? They have to be brutally honest with you so that it inspires you to do better.

Proving doubters wrong

You’ve probably faced adversity, and everyone thinks you can’t do better. These vulnerable situations turn out to be the greatest motivators. 

  “I fucking know for a fact that one of the main drivers for me to start a business and pull the trigger was getting fired by a company.

Rather than bringing you down, they will always spark a growth mindset. Adversity pushes you to start your own thing. It’s actually a blessing in disguise.

   “The best revenge is success, but more importantly, the best revenge is becoming a better person.”

Reflecting and Auditing The Past Year

Looking into negative situations

Different things have happened in our various aspects of life. Facing negative situations is a part of it, but how you handle the situation is the most important thing. 

  Whenever shitty circumstances arise or are out of control in your life, you have two options. Sit down and be like, bitch, and let your life become shittier and just say it’s like you are a victim of circumstances someone else created or just move forward.”

Achieving your Goals

  “Thoughts and feelings create new circumstances, but new circumstances do not create new thoughts and feelings.”

If you want to achieve a house or car, getting these things will not change anything about you. It is the thoughts you create while you grow that can create those fucking circumstances. It is not about the goal of getting that car or house. It’s the journey where you feel I’m becoming the one that fucking deserves it.

Focus Areas in 2022

Having audited the past year, what are key focus areas in 2022? Find a comfortable ground, and do not be hard on yourself. Be empathetic and find someone to walk you through the storm!


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