House Hack Your Way To Financial Freedom with Craig Curelop! One of the most common questions people ask is how to start investing in real estate with no money. In this episode, Craig Curelop joins us to give the perfect answer to the question: house hacking! Craig is a real estate agent and the author of The House Hacking Strategy book, in which he explained how you can become financially free through house hacking. 

Craig shares his story, from getting started with a $90k student loan debt and a negative $30k net worth, to becoming a master of house hacking. He dives deep into what you need to get started, best strategies, and available purchase options for house hacking.

House Hack Your Way To Financial Freedom with Craig Curelop

In this episode, we are joined by Craig Curelop, a real estate agent and investor based out of Denver, Colorado. Craig is also the author of The House Hacking Strategy book, which teaches the tricks that savvy investors have been using in the real estate industry to save thousands of dollars in monthly expenses as you build your financial independence.

In This Episode:

[00:49] Craig’s college life

[02:05] The house hacking idea

[07:43] How much do you need to get started?

[10:36] Why aren’t more people into house hacking?

[14:55] House hacking strategies

[19:55] The downside of sharing your space

[23:58] Property purchase options

[26:30] Airbnb rules

[28:16] Craig’s self-development journey

[31:52] Motivated by money or freedom and time?

[33:02] Money saving challenge

[37:59] Automating your work

[41:24] Best books to start your real estate or finance journey

[43:54] Craig’s daily routine

[48:00] Only fans inquiry

The House Hacking Idea

House hacking a strategy in the real estate industry where you purchase a property for a low percentage down, live in a section of it, and rent the other space out. The idea is to collect rent that exceeds your expenses from the tenants. If you do this, you have probably eliminated all your expenses and live for free!

House hacking options

Craig says there are several options depending on your preference and the type of property you have rented out:

  1. Comfort: After renting a house with a separate space like garage, you can live in the house and rent out the extra space. 
  2. Most profitable: You rent out the whole space and live in a van or a different space.
  3. Rent by the room: Live in one bedroom and rent out the other space. You can also buy many units, live in one, and rent out the rest.

Craig’s Advice to starters

Craig says you should find a single-family house and have a separate living space divided. Divide the remaining space into rooms that you could rent out. 

Airbnb rules

While sharing your space with people can be a profitable, sometimes the benefits come with the downsides, especially when these people are strangers. To avoid some issues, Airbnb formulated rules that protect you as a homeowner.

  • Even when you purchase a room for renting out, you must have the intent of living in the property for at least a year. However, there are some exceptions; if you get married, the neighborhood becomes unsafe, or you experience a life-changing event.
House Hack Your Way To Financial Freedom with Craig Curelop

“Airbnb doesn’t want you to risk your safety to meet their law requirements.”

You also have to change your mailing address to show you are living in the property, and also let your insurance know the business you’re into.

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