What’s more important getting the most out of your employees or employees getting the most out of you?

As business owners, our business won’t run the way it should without hiring good employees. It’s important to take care of your employees, because your employees are unhappy with your work environment, then they may underperform and lose you money. Your vision for the company can’t be seen by everybody. The way you handle your customers can’t be carried over to your employees. This is why you should set the standards and care for your employees if you want them to perform well for your business.

Getting the Most out of Your Employees

Your employees has the right to get something out of you whether it’s money, benefits, work life balance, growth, or continued education, one of these will be important to them. Being able to offer what’s important to them will help motivate them to maximize their production in order to receive those benefits. Your business will benefit from their production and they will benefit from your offers for their work.

What you can learn from leading people?

One of the key things you can learn leading your employees is being able to understand their emotions. You can’t always see your employee happily working every day. There will always be a day where they can be down and that can affect their performance at work. People can have problems that arise such as family, health, and other issues. How you handle and try to have a conversation with them can have an impact. Employees knowing that you care about them more than just being an individual to make you money will help create a positive workplace.

Another thing you can learn from leading your employees is that, you can’t treat everyone equally. You can’t fully focus on top performers and provide them with more privileges just because you get more out of them. Check in with your lower performers and find out one of these three things:

  • Is something you can do to help them in improving their performance?
  • Are they not comfortable or capable of doing the job?
  • Or are they just refusing to work?

This is also a way of diving into their emotional side and understand how you can have a real relationship with your employees to help boost their work performance. Allow your employees to be able to reach out to you and you as their leader, be more open to conversations that not only focus on their performance but also their comfort of working on their job.

What’s better to have in an employee skillset or mindset?

A person with a good mindset of what they want to do and how they want to perform can acquire skills. If a person’s mindset doesn’t want to focus on the type of job they want, then even if they have the skills for it, they won’t be able to perform well. An employee with a positive mindset will be happy to be in the company and be willing to learn more skills. That’s a valuable type of employee, because in long-term employment that same employee with a great mindset can adapt to new trends and acquire the skills necessary to apply those trends to your business.

Some recruiters are caught up with the skill set an employee must have to perform in the company. These are essentially the qualifications required for the role a business is offering. A person with the skillset you need can still lack other skills which you might still take some time and resources to get them to learn it. If you’re training someone with a positive mindset, they will also take the same amount of time but may outperform the person with the skill set you set for the job role.

Getting the Most out of your Employees

If you create good systems as an employer or employee, then you can have a successful business. You define how well your employee will perform in your business starting from your hiring process, how you lead your employees and choosing the right employees that will match your business goals.

New tactics or methodologies to maximize production of people

One of the tactics you can try as a leader is to find out your employee’s personality traits. Personality testing is to try understand their traits that they show given a situation. Every individual has a different personality trait and each one will approach and accomplish your goals in their own way. If given a task, one employee can try to accomplish it through problem solving, while another employee can be innovative or improvise in solving it. Different personality types can be successful in the same role but have very different ways to do it.

The 90 day guarantee is when you should have some data within an employee that shows if he or she is going to be successful or productive to your business in the long-term. When you recruit a potential employee, you go through their references, skills, experience, and all the normal hiring procedures. You want to add another test which is the personality test to figure out if they are checking the right answers you’re looking for in an individual. At the end of the day, you want to hire someone who will benefit your clients and make a positive impact in your business.

Lets get you to build a real estate empire with Sam Primm! Real Estate is amongst the best investments with robust long-term returns and is easy to start. Unlike what most people think, you do not have to accumulate huge sums of money to invest in real estate. You can leverage other people’s money, conserve the little you have, and increase your borrowing capacity.

How to build a real estate empire with Sam Primm

A lot of people think that you need to accumulate several million to invest in real estate, but you can invest even from jail as long as you have a phone. You don’t need to have a lot of money. You can leverage other people’s money and make robust returns by buying rental properties or flipping houses.

In today’s episode,  we speak to Sam Primm, the Faster freedom real estate owner and co-owner of Greater STL rentals. He shares his journey from growing up as an entrepreneur quitting his established 9-5 grind, venturing it full-time real estate, accumulating over a $25 million portfolio in real estate without investing his actual money, utilizing the buzz method to leverage people’s money, his funny moments as a landlord as well as building his brand to 1.5 million followers on TikTok in less than two years. Besides, he expounds on investing in self-storage facilities, doing your market research, and making sure you break even. If you are wondering where to start in your real estate journey, this episode is for you!

Sam’s Real Estate Journey

Most people break from the 9-5 grind because they are not making enough money and are looking for multiple income streams. However, Sam was making $250,000 per year, had a  very established career, but still decided to go on his own and venture into entrepreneurship.

Although Sam was still in real estate as a side hustle, he explains getting control of his life, financial freedom, and building generational wealth as the main drivers to venturing full-time in real estate.

“I was making great money, but I was making someone else great money.”

 Investing in real estate using leverage

 Investing in real estate is not hard as most people assume. You do not need a credit score or social security number. You can invest in real estate no matter what your situation is.

“You can invest in real estate from jail if you’re able to sneak a phone.”

Sam has accumulated over $25 million with a real estate portfolio by putting $0 of his actual money. You can buy rental properties or flip houses by basically leveraging other people’s money.

“Everybody borrows money. That’s how the world works. If you borrow money, invest in something that grows cash and produces value.

Where to start if you have $200

You wouldn’t have to spend a dime of it. In case you have your $200 ready, use the utilizing buzz method.

Leverage other people’s money and reserve your $200 to use if something goes wrong.

Setting specific goals on what you need to invest in per year

While setting your specific goals on what you need to invest in per year, evaluate the short-term cash position-what do you have now? This tells you whether you need wholesale, fix and flip, or you just go straight to buying rentals.

In addition, what are you looking into? Do you want to get out of your job? If not, then you do not have to set crazy goals. You can make a goal to buy ten rental properties in the next five years. Let’s say you have ten rentals in the next twenty years. It’s going to be $3 or $4 million of equity and will be worth more than what you got them at.

 How much time do you need to allocate if you’re in corporate to do ten rentals over five years?

If you are efficient and willing to learn from other people, connect with your local network, go to meet-ups, and get smartly involved in the community, it will take 10-15 hours a month.

“You  got to be involved with the local community no matter where you are.”

You have to find a title company, contractors, and insurance agencies that deal with real estate and investors in real estate.

Build a Real Estate Empire with Sam Primm!

Mentorship through Online Coaching

Every single investor I know has two things in common. They wish they had started earlier, and two, they all pay for some type of subscription or coaching service.

“ I spend $100,000 annually on furthering myself professionally and personally, and it’s way more than I get in return.”

Having the right mentorship just keeps you out of the gutters. It’s going to save you time, money, and headaches.

The first step to self-storage without experience

When engaging in self-storage facilities, the first step is to reach out to people in that space. Get involved with the community.

Secondly, is to work on your funding. A bank is more likely to do it since the industry is kind of recession-proof.

Finally, get out there, look for deals, and analyze them.

 How to determine whether a self-storage facility will perform

Do market research on the radius of the storage facilities around you to determine whether they will be full.

In addition, find a place that has a limited supply of storage facilities for you to break even.


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This week the guys from Brofessional Development cover Belief!

The discussion revolves around having belief in yourself and if it is real or just woo woo. We cover why it is important to have belief and how to transition from not believing in yourself to gaining that belief! This weeks influencer of the week is also Lewis Howes and we also have our tip of the week on “mindfulness” this week!


This week the guys cover “Belief”  Belief                     Potential              Action                   Results   Most people have a fixed belief of how much potential they have Most people BELIEVE they have very little POTENTIAL  When you BELIEVE you have very little POTENTIAL, how much ACTION do you take?

“Every man is what he is because of the dominating thoughts he permits to occupy his mind” – Napolean Hill

“Your reality is a reflection of your strongest beliefs” 

Belief Loop – Tony Robbins

Belief                     Potential              Action                   Results

  • Most people have a fixed belief of how much potential they have
  • Most people BELIEVE they have very little POTENTIAL  
  • When you BELIEVE you have very little POTENTIAL, how much ACTION do you take?
  • When you combine little POTENTIAL with little ACTION what do you get? Little RESULTS
  • Then you start to confirm that belief and say “see, I told you I couldn’t do it.”


  • Write out affirmations and say them every day 
  • Visualize with as much clarity as possible you are going to do it 
  • CONDITION your brain to believe it is going to happen 

Nobody is ready for a thing until he believes he can acquire it 

Open-mindedness is an ABSOLUTE MUST 

Mindset: Carol Dweck

  • Growth Mindset = People believe that their most basic abilities can be developed through dedication and hard work
  • Fixed Mindset = people believe their basic abilities are already set (i.e. I’m terrible with money, I can’t get into shape I have terrible genes, or people who think they can’t make money)


Napolean Hill calls Faith (what we take as belief) a state of mind that can be induced by affirmation or repeated instructions of the subconscious mind.

Emily Coue – basically the OG of positive psychology for self development

  • a form of self-hypnosis where you visualize your goal and then back it by the emotions and repetition
    • it allows you to break through to your own subconscious mind to form that belief 
  • Conscious mind acts as a defender to all of the different stimulations in the world
    • Average person is exposed to 5,000 ads per day 
    • Our conscious mind blocks out 99.9% of those 


When Rodger Bannister became the first person ever to run a 4-minute mile, within two years 37 other people did it, when nobody in history had ever done it.

There was a study done by criminologists on how people could do something that they knew was inherently wrong. They found that when these people first come into contact with crime, they don’t approve. Then when they’re in it a bit longer, they get to the point where they tolerate it, and after a while they finally embrace it and become influenced by it.

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This week the guys talk about Planning Versus Action and the importance of the two!

Often in the business and entrepreneurship world there is a large amount of time that is spent on planning towards your goal. Thoughts and ideas are put down in effort to try and achieve success. What if you never take action though? Can your goals be achieved or will they just be dreams that never became reality. On the flip side though, can you achieve your goals by taking action without plans? Most the time the answer is yes! You may fail or stumble along the way but odds are you will find success!

Planning versus Action

This weeks topic is Planning vs Action and the importance of the two.  We discuss what percentage we feel should be put towards both in order to succeed toward your goals.  We talk in depth about paralysis by analysis and the Pareto Principal as they go hand in hand with this topic.

On this episode the guys discuss what percentage they feel is correct in order to have the right amount of planning vs action. Matt also touches base on his Ennegram personality test that relates to how he plans, for more on that listen to our entire episode on it here!

We discuss Elon Musk “5 Minute Rule” in which he plans out his day in 5 minute time blocks the evening prior! This is coming from one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world.

The Pareto Principal is also touched on in how the 80/20 rule affects the amount of time needed on planning vs taking action.

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Our mission is to curate information from the top influencers around the world. We provide you with real, actionable steps on how to improve in any and every area of your life, whether your an entrepreneur, C-Suite Executive, or just starting your journey of Self-Development. Brofessional Development is all about growth, and you know if you’re not growing, you’re dying. Goal Setting for 2021!

Goal Setting

Our mission is to curate information from the top influencers around the world. We provide you with real, actionable steps on how to improve in any and every area of your life, whether your an entrepreneur, C-Suite Executive, or just starting your journey of Self-Development.

This team has just returned from Colorado where they spent 4 days setting goals for the Brofessional Development Brand along with every members personal goals for 2021. It was only fitting to tackle a podcast on setting goals. In the process of goal setting the team has laid out plans for the podcast. Which should benefit you the listener. With structure added along with new weekly segments we are proud to bring you what is the rebirth of our podcast!

This week the guys start off with a segment from Bobby that is one of our newest segments, “Influencer of the Week.” Highlighted this week is Case Kenny with the New Mindset, Who Dis? podcast. In 5 minutes Bobby gives us all the hot and important details to showcase another influencer in our field trying to help others!

From there the team breaks down some goal setting quotes! These arefrom some of the greats in the world of business and self development. Which segways us in perfectly to talking about goal setting. Why it is important to set goals? To have a purpose behind them! Then how to take action to achieve them!

We call this GPA:

  • Goals
  • Purpose
  • Action

What is also discussed our goals that have not been met during the 2020 year. We discuss that if meeting your goals was easy, how much of a goal would they really be. Everyone is trying to be in that 1% club and the bigger and harder to achieve your goals are, the more success you will see in the future!

To finish off the episode Brad comes in long and hard to showcase our debut of the “Just the Tip” segment. Every week we will end the episode with a new life hack to help you improve! Be sure not to miss each week as the guys are sure to provide you their quality TIPS!

As usual please send us an email for any comments or topics you would like to hear us discuss!